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This Week in Warcraft: 31st October - 6th November

06.11.17 | MR_Moonstruck, RehcraM 934


With the playoff participants for AWL determined, and Bamboo Cup getting closer to its conclusion, we are in for an interesting week to come.

This week we saw the conclusion of the eigth NWC3L season, where 8 teams have been battling in the clan war tournament's playoff!

PandaTV Bamboo Cup

Date: 5th October
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: B2W Youtube

PandaTV Bamboo Cup is an invitational tournament. The event is organized and sponsored by PandaTV and played on NetEase-servers.
8 top Asian players has been invited (half Chinese, half Korean).


Moon has been giving strong performances recently. However, this week in Bamboo Cup, we have seen his weakness against orc surface, when he faced FoCuS in the winner bracket's Final. Quite the surprise, FoCuS looked superior as he took down the Night Elf player 2-0.

In the loser bracket, we saw more even matches; both of which ended 2-1.
ReMinD managed to take the win on Echo Isles against WFZ, his Warden ending up an unstoppable force. The rest of the games did not pan out as well for him, as WFZ ended out on top, and thus advances to loser's round two, where he will face Lucifer.

In the first map against Yumiko, XiaoKK managed to get his Blademaster to lvl6 and used a devastating bladestorm in the midst of the Human army, killing several caster and damaging even further.

Annihilating bladestorm in Yumiko's army

Even so, Yumiko - almost miraculously - managed to turn the very same fight by utilizing the Mountain Kings storm bolts to focus fire the orc heroes,, thus winning him the game.
On the second map (Ancient Isles), XiaoKK grabbed two ankhs, rendering it impossible for Yumiko to kill the heroes with his Mountain King's storm bolts. Perhaps a Beastmaster should have been considered in order to get more sustainable damage, considering the possibility of getting ankhs on the map.
On the third and deciding map, Yumiko did take the win, thus advancing him to play against Lucifer on November 8th.

AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League (AWL) Season 2

Date: 24th and 25th October
Cast by: NicegameTV

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: NicegameTV Youtube

The AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League Season 2 is a tournament sponsored by the Korean broadcasting platform Afreeca TV in collaboration with NicegameTV, and played on the NetEase-servers. It is successor to NWL.

 It's an invitational event, 16 players join in; half of them Chinese, the other half Korean


Group C:

The two favourites, Lyn and TH000 made it out of the group stage, but perhaps not in the order expected. We all know that Lyn was  a legendary player in the past, but since his comeback he never really reestablished himself as dominating. Although he qualified for GCS, it was a close call for his elimination, shakingly beating Yumiko 2-1 and being beat by WFZ 2-0, only getting 4th place in the group.

Lyn won his AWL match against TH000 2-0. Beating a player of TH000's caliber goes to show Lyn's fast improvement - perhaps we will see him recover his old shape.

Group D:

It is always a pleasure watching Yumiko play. Over the course of his three matches we saw Alchemist, Paladin and Bloodmage being played by him. His gimmicky strategies were, however, not enough in the end, as he was beaten 2-0 by both LawLiet and XiaoKK, who will advance to the playoffs of the tournament.

NWC3L Season 8 Final - uMaD vs pG

Date: 5th November
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: B2W Twitch

New WarCraft 3 League is an international E-sport team league. Mostly made for European Warcraft III teams.


The match ended 8-2 in favour of uMaD, which consists of SoniK, Bizarre, Curiocity and XeLSinG.

The tournament's finale was played on the updated (Ladder Version or LV) version of Terenas Stand, where changes to starting positions and creep camps have been made. Being one of the pioneer tournaments to take the step of playing with LV maps, it may encourage even more tournaments to update the map pool - perhaps that would also encourage Blizzard's Classic team to update the map pool in It is hard to tell, but it is definitely interesting seeing updated maps being played nonetheless!

Gera Cup #132

Date: 5th November
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: B2W Twitch

Gera Cup is a weekly Russian cup with about one hundred USD for the winner. The tournament is hosted by, and played on the W3A-servers.


After two weeks absence from the finale (once due to not attending, and another due to being eliminated by FoCuS) Happy, the king of Gera Cups, was back in the finale. This time facing Lucifer, a well-known and respected player, who often participates in Gera Cups, but rarely gets further than the semi finals.

Happy took the win 3-0 in a confident manner, thus winning the cup for the 32nd time!

BALTPLAY Open Cup Qualifier #6

Date: 3rd November
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube Channel (Finals only)

With only three weeks left of qualifiers, who will join FoCuS, OrcWorker, Happy, Check, and Foggy in the main tournament?

Sheik had a magnificent tournament this week, 2-0'ing Sonik in the semifinals. Chaemiko also took his semifinal 2-0, playing against the Korean Undead Lucifer. Chaemiko must have felt very confident after also winning the first two maps against Sheik, but the Russian Undead managed to turn the series completely on its head by taking the next three maps.

ESL Fall Cup Qualifier #4

Date: November 1st

The final qualifier of the ESL Fall Cup was played last Wednesday. The main event will take place this Wednesday November 8th

Crrpt and Heartik_cheer will join Razzorman, Imperius, Walter, Anima, Blade, and Edo in the main event this week.




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