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16.11.18 3301
Analysis Op-ed

Patch 1.30.2 and the Hostbot Crisis

Blizzard has announced the release date of patch 1.30.2 for December 1st.

This patch will make history as it will completely change the way we play Warcraft III on As excited as we are of heading closer towards Reforged, this patch is awaited with nervousness by any admin involved behind the scenes.

Custom games, FFA, 4v4 and the esports scene will all be negatively impacted. Let's explain why and try to suggest a few ways to reduce the damage for our communities.

We will not get into the balance changes here, there were a few that we can discuss in a later article.

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14.11.18 4626
Analysis Reforged

WC3 Reforged: Streamers at a Turning Point

There is debate raging on Reddit about whether or not it is fair for Grubby to play extensive reruns on Twitch, and whether this affects smaller channels negatively. 

Even though this is just a minor aspect of a much larger topic -- We hope to provide some commentary and analysis on the matter. The question remains: how will current major Warcraft III streamers adapt to new competition from larger channels that are now seeing a resurgence into the game?

How can smaller channels thrive and grow with Reforged?

For this analysis, I have chosen to focus on purely English speaking streams.

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30.10.18 2572

Highest Earning Warcraft 3 Players

There are several ways to measure success in games. Who won the most premier tournaments? Who peaked the highest? Who has revolutionised the game the most? Sources of error are to be found in every single method used. The arguably most popular way is to look at prize money won, since it is a very tangible method. This is exactly what we are going to do in this article!

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10.10.18 3080

Is the Korean Warcraft Scene Dying?

For quite some time I have been curious about the state of the Korean Warcraft Scene. After seeing only nine players registered for the Master's Coliseum Korean Open Qualifier, I decided to research, explore, and write about what I saw as a growing phenomenon.

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Patch 1.30 - The Human Race in Turmoil

There was a time when Humans were indecently winning any single competition and more, usually being 2nd and 3rd places as well.

This was in 2014 though and nowadays, Human players are not smiling anymore.

The latest two patches nerfed at different degrees all the strengths of the Alliance. What did they gain in exchange? How do these balance changes compare with those of the other races?

Among players taking breaks and others changing race, Human players around the world unanimously criticize those changes. Let's go in depth and see what this is all about!

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22.05.18 2634

Map Vetoing: Does It Matter?

When playing in tournaments and playing on ladder you have the option to veto maps you dislike but is it even true that certain maps benefit certain races in certain matchups? And if so; which maps should you veto to enhance your chances of victory? In the following article, we'll be looking at the stone-cold facts to determine the answer to our questions!

The data in this article has been collected from Liquipedia (much love to the people who keep the site up-to-date) and covers tournaments only - hence no ladder play. The maps I've decided to look at are the maps in the GCS 2018 Summer map pool. I've, however, excluded Terenas Stand LV as I deemed the amount of data for the map insufficient.

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01.02.18 2950
Strategy Analysis General

4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 2 – The Catalyst]

"A substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected."

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the second episode of my all-things 4v4 series!  If you missed the first part or want a quick refresher head over to this link, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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16.11.17 1254

Foggy in the Spotlights

We honestly were worried for him when we saw that he drew those opponents in Group C.

With two legends, Moon and TH000, in great shape, currently ranked 2nd and 4th in B2w Elo rankings and starting against  WFZ who single-handed defeated the NE squad in Race War last month... it was quite the challenge.

But he just continued to impress.

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09.11.17 2002

GCS: Group Analysis

The conclusion for this year's most prestigious tournament is quickly approaching. We have asked some of the most prominent profiles in the Western and Asian Warcraft 3 scene about their thoughts on the groups!

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