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New to Warcraft: Upkeep Taxes

Let's talk tax.

Now that I have your attention with such a riveting topic, I would like to discuss the humble Upkeep system and why it is critical for the game we know and love today. Why it deserves credit for its contribution to the tight game play loop that has kept competitive players interested in this game for 15 years, and why it's something you should pay attention to in your own games.

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New To Warcraft: What race should I play?

Since the first whispers of Blizzard's renewed interest in maintaining Warcraft 3 around a year ago, there's been a steady stream of new players trickling in, followed by a burst when Warcraft 3 classic became available again. As someone who has picked up matured games as well, I'm all too aware how much of a scary prospect picking your way through such a complex and established game can be.

Below I have compiled a comprehensive guide on the key things that define each race, to help new and long-lost returning players alike, in weighing up the pros and cons of where to place their allegiance.


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How To Basic: Orc

Here's the How To Basic guide for the final race, Orc. So if you want to learn how to channel your inner brute and crush your opponent with raw, untamed power, make sure to read this article!

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Strategy General

Hero Experience In Warcraft 3: How It Works

We all know of several games where you receive experience points and gain levels. Quite a simple concept: Kill stuff, get stronger. In Warcraft 3, the logic behind gaining experience is, at times, a bit weird. In this article, I'll try to explain some of the principles behind experience points and hero levels.

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Grubby's Base Layout Guides

One of the most iconic Warcraft 3 profiles, Grubby, has released his thoughts on base layouts for all four races. Take a look at his cool videos below.

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Strategy Human

How Good Will Control Magic Be?

The main focus of the upcoming 1.30.2 balance update has been the nerfs to Night Elf who's reigned supreme in patch 1.30. Have these nerfs overshadowed some other quite relevant changes? Let's take a look at Control Magic!

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How To Basic: Undead

It's time for another How To Basic compendium! This time featuring the Undead. In this guide I will go over all the unit and hero choices and try to give you an idea of the overall gameplay and strategy of the race in all matchups. 

So get ready for a wall of text as we scratch the surface of this race consisting of walking corpses, disembodied spirits, damned mortal men and insidious extra-dimensional entities!

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Strategy General

Overview of Armor and Damage Reduction

When getting an item from neutral creeps, it's sometimes clear as day which hero should be have it. This is, however, not always the case. In this article I'll be explaining the concept of "Armor" and "Damage Reduction". Hopefully,  it will give you a better understanding to which hero you should distribute which armor-enhancing items. In other words, we'll try to figure out who's the Lord of the Rings of Protection! 

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Strategy General

Pit Lord: "What A Foolish Boy!"

Pit Lord is a rare sight in competitive play, with a peculiar kit and an even more peculiar (and funny) voice line. In this article we will take a look at his abilities and try to get a better grip of why he is used so rarely.

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Strategy Nightelf

Keeper of the Grove: The Terror of 1.30?

With the radical changes in 1.30, one hero in particular have seen a substantial rise in popularity; the Keeper of the Grove (KotG). In the recently concluded European WGL Qualifier #1, KotG was picked as the first hero 81,6% of the time (31 out of 38)! And this trend is not limited to the Western scene alone. Very similar numbers could be taken from the Netease September Qualifier.

This craze leaves answers to certain questions desired: What changed? Is this just a temporary trend? How do I utilize the potential of KotG? In this article I'll give my estimate on the above mentioned questions.

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