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17.12.18 1870
Op-ed Reforged

Reforging the competitive scene

Competitive gaming has been around as long as games themselves, from the arcades of the 80s through to the staggering prize pools of Dota 2’s The International (which seems to have settled around $25m this year!), however it was really the late 90s when things started to pick up for PC gaming in particular. Internet access becoming widespread and games transitioning into 3D. Times were changing. We now have around 20 years of data on what makes a game a good candidate for being a top spectator esport. Today I’d like to make the case that Warcraft III: Reforged is looking like a strong esport contender for 2019.

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15.12.18 2430
Op-ed Patch 1.30

Analysis of ToD's The ULTIMATE Feedback, Balance Video

On December 11th, ToD expressed, once again, his frustration with the Keeper of The Grove on Twitter. Matt Morris, Lead Designer at Blizzard's Classic Department, actually answered him, asking for more detailed feedback.

ToD delivered by uploading a quality video detailing his point of view about the current (im)balance. Specifically the meta he perceives to exist in favour of the Night Elf race.

The video itself is worth an article as it covers various points, some of which you may contest even - so please do watch it. However, apart from running though the main points, I want to focus on the process of taking feedback itself, and two example angles that are also relevant for this current patch potentially.

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14.12.18 776

Jang Jae Ho's birthday: Moon's fans club funds a school library in rural China

December 14th is Moon's birthday! The Korean legend is 32 years old today.

His fans already had obvious reasons to celebrate as their idol became, once again, the World's Champion, after his WGL title.

Jang Jae Ho holds a special place in Warcraft 3's history as the greatest of all times. His Chinese fan club decided this year to collect funds to finance a school library in the Fujian province. 


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12.12.18 1479

The Timmy, Johnny and Spike of WarCraft III

This article will be verging on blatant plagiarism of a quite popular article written over 16 years ago by the Head Designer of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Mark Rosewater. Mark has created, and still creates, great content in addition to designing MTG itself. Personally I'm very fond of his 'Drive to Work' podcasts where he shares his thoughts on game design. I can only encourage you to check it out!

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New to Warcraft: Upkeep Taxes

Let's talk tax.

Now that I have your attention with such a riveting topic, I would like to discuss the humble Upkeep system and why it is critical for the game we know and love today. Why it deserves credit for its contribution to the tight game play loop that has kept competitive players interested in this game for 15 years, and why it's something you should pay attention to in your own games.

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10.12.18 2691
Op-ed Reforged

Is Warcraft 3 Worth Our Time Just Yet?

As we're going through the ups and downs of the hype and anticipation for 2019's release of Warcraft 3: Reforged, let's consider whether wading into the fray early may be beneficial, be it as player or something else.

Join us in unpacking a few recent statistics surrounding Warcraft 3, as well as the potential, and realized, benefits we see for those willing to roll up their sleeves this side of 2019.


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09.12.18 2898

Content Creator Highlight #5: Khaldor

In recent times, with Quality of Life (QoL) upgrades and balance adjustments, we've seen a lot of old names reappearing. Among these we have also seen the return of Khaldor. I have the pleasure of featuring him in the fifth edition of our Content Creator Highlight!

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