17.01.18 480

Romantic "Yaws is my mentor"

Could he be the sensation of 2018? After being considered a Tier 2 player for a long time, Romantic has stepped up his game last year with two spectacular results during last GCSs.

Reaching the 4th place in Summer, then getting out of the "group of death" in Winter, he was stopped twice by Foggy during full length series.

Enough to talk about Foggy being his Nemesis? Not according to the young Chinese.

For the first time in 2018, I am teaming up once again with Chatwin for an interview. Let's see what Romantic has in his mind for the upcoming year!

15.01.18 156

This Week in Warcraft: January 9th-15th

Catch up on a rather interesting week in Warcraft that saw 1v1, 2v2, and 2v2v2v2 competition, as well as a ROC Human Campaign speedrun on a Twitch event that had over 10 000 concurrent viewers.

13.01.18 565
Tournament Announcement

NWC3L Season 9

Credit to rbr.Shorty for writing this article and being a main figure behind the league!

On 14 January 2018 starts the 9th season of the New Warcraft 3 League (nWC3L). The league was created in 2014 by Nikolay “Nick” Shmatkov, and he was managing it up until the last season when he had to step back due to personal reasons. As one of the only 3 active clan leagues in Europe (together with WC3CL and CWL), and the only league that features WC3L style clan war format (4x 1vs1 + 1x 2vs2), nWC3L has been offering unique opportunities for players to compete against each other in teams, providing opportunities to many to reminisce (or to experience for the first time) the emotions of playing in or witnessing Warcraft III clan clashes.

12.01.18 482

Underrated Strategies: Gargoyles versus Night Elf

Many Undead players used to utilise gargoyles when playing against Night Elf, but over the years the strategy has become more and more rare. In this article we will take a look at what the merits of the stategy is and why it has left the meta!

10.01.18 1053
Tournament Announcement

4vs4 Tournament: Ugri Challenge

Ugrilainen, the Warcraft 3 visionary, has a new Warcarft 3 objective in the making: To organize the biggest 4vs4 tournament in the history of Warcraft 3, wherein Blizzards LV maps from the 4vs4 PTR map pool will be used!