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08.12.18 1960
Tournament Result

WGL Winter 2018 - Grand Final

From all across the globe, we joined viewers tuning in to watch this year's final of WGL. The master was facing his apprentice - elf versus elf, West versus East, Moon versus Foggy. Would Moon's experience prove sufficient to take his dominating streak to its conclusion, or would Foggy secure himself the title through another uphill battle, as has been his way? 

SPOILER MANAGEMENT: For those wishing to view the matches firsthand, we have hidden the final result of each map & and tournament inside SPOILER tabs. So feel at ease to get a feel of the flow of the games here, and still remain innocent enough to enjoy the thrill of the maps later yourself - if you wish to do that.


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WGL Winter 2018 - Semi Finals

And then there were four. Moon, Lyn, Infi and Foggy were the last fighters to remain standing in the arena. Among them, only the Ukrainian with no major title to his belt yet.

With the two Korean titans battling it out in their bid for a place in the finals, Foggy had to defeat Infi, his offline nemesis.

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WGL Winter 2018 - Quarter Finals

And so we were down to eight players. Moon and Lyn were considered the sure favorites to prevail over second places, Fly100% and FoCuS, in their respective matches on Wednesday.

Colorful / Infi and LawLiet / Foggy were viewed as much more indecisive, with the NE mirror being the most hyped encounter of the Quarter Finals.


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WGL Winter Groups C & D

Our final groups marked the entrance of several heavy favorites, such as Moon and Infi (group C) and 120 and LawLiet (Group D).

The games were also marked with real efforts by Western representatives to balk our predictions. HawK, Sonik, Hunter and especially Cash, performed overall way better than expected.

We've included the final playoff bracket at the bottom of this article also.


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WGL Winter Groups A & B

WGL Winter 2018 kicked off with the group stages on Wednesday.

The beginning of the competition was marked by an epidemic of various illnesses and injuries that weakened our western players from the get go.

Foggy, Neytpoh, and DanGer represented Europe and America in Group A and B.

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WGL Europe : Russia charging in

The remaining European tickets for WGL were being distributed this weekend. And easy as "one, two, three", Russia took them all.

With ToD on the starting blocks and amongst KotG criticism, the journey was not an easy one for Neytpoh (Neutron), HawK and Cash. We witnessed some crazy games with an unusual amount of ultimates!

I want to thank the participants of the latest qualifiers for being so consistent. Two Ukrainians then two Peruvians and now three Russians : it makes it easy for us to think of suitable article banners!

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WGL America: When Peru Meets China

When Netease decided to grant an entry to a second American representative, we had little doubt that Hunter would be one of the two. After LongWalk declined the invitation to participate in the final round, only OC seemed to be in position to challenge him. Currently ranked in the top 15 of the Netease Ladder, he will even participate in the Netease WGL October race.

Little did we know that those two would not even have to deal with one another. 

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Ugri's 3v3 Challenge : Showdown Between Europe and Korea

Ugri's Challenge Series continued this week-end with the 3v3 edition. If the tournament gathered 13 teams, two of them appeared as large favorites : Top Notch 3.0 consisting of Foggy, Happy and Cash and JoYuRi with Lucifer, FoCuS and LawLiet.

As Korea won the 4v4 edition against the very same Top Notch team, Europe wanted to claim the title back, as well as the juicy 1500$ prize for the first place.

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WGL Europe - Sonik out of the Shadows

This season, Europe will send four - maybe five - representatives for WGL to China.

The first two tickets were awarded this weekend with a quite exciting list of contestants! There were those used to go to Shanghai Foggy and  HawK, the challengers that always felt short Sonik and  Cash, returning pros with superstar ToD, NightEnD, and Neytpoh.

 Starshaped looked like the underdog, but still hold his own.

When dust finally settled, few people could actually have predicted how the games would turn out.

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NeXT : China vs Korea

Two years have passed since those two nations faced off for a clan war. Last time, WCA was the organizer and the competition had lasted for a month. The prizepool of $45,000 was massive and the defeated team of China was hit hard by fans at home. They scored no point during the last weekend with Lyn sweeping the entire Chinese roster. You can find a recap of this sensational performance here.  

After the harsh criticism of their commitment, China wanted to balance the scale in Guangzhou. Did they manage to do so? Spoilers ahead!

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