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    NWC3L Season 9

    Credit to rbr.Shorty for writing this article and being a main figure behind the league!

    On 14 January 2018 starts the 9th season of the New Warcraft 3 League (nWC3L). The league was created in 2014 by Nikolay “Nick” Shmatkov, and he was managing it up until the last season when he had to step back due to personal reasons. As one of the only 3 active clan leagues in Europe (together with WC3CL and CWL), and the only league that features WC3L style clan war format (4x 1vs1 + 1x 2vs2), nWC3L has been offering unique opportunities for players to compete against each other in teams, providing opportunities to many to reminisce (or to experience for the first time) the emotions of playing in or witnessing Warcraft III clan clashes.

    10.01.18 1222
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    4vs4 Tournament: Ugri Challenge

    Ugrilainen, the Warcraft 3 visionary, has a new Warcarft 3 objective in the making: To organize the biggest 4vs4 tournament in the history of Warcraft 3, wherein Blizzards LV maps from the 4vs4 PTR map pool will be used! 

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    Hype for GCS Winter 2017

    It feels like yesterday when I think of GCS Summer 2017, I reminisce 120 keeping his crown, Infi getting the better of 120 with a 6-4 score overall, Foggy getting another 3rd place... But also ReMinD's jokes, beers and late night discussions with a German couple, table tennis with a Serbian basketball player and much more - the list goes on and on.

    Sadly, this season Remind, Yumiko and Lucifer did not make it. Same for me, Ugrilainen, missing my first GCS since Foggy beat Lyn in his first live event. Time flies. Since then Foggy looks more like an established pro than a rookie with his two GCS bronze medals.

    Ok let's talk about the tournament now!

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    MooCup #100: Show yaa fkn Skillzz!

    The MooCup has a long tradition within the German and European WarCraft scene. With its 100th episode drawing near, we talked with Marsimoo, the man behind it, about the anniversary and other trifles surrounding his doings.

    MooCup#100 is crowdfunded by Germany.pngMarsimoo and his community, Lioncast.com and sign-ups through ESL are still open. You can register via this link, where you also find all relevant information.
    The cup will be held on October the 7th.
    If you want to contribute some of your hard-earned money to the prize pool, feel free to do so on Matcherino.

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    Race War 2017 announced

    Yesterday, Race War 2017 was announced, a tournament to determine which race is the best race in WarCraft 3! The teams, consisting of 3 players with the same race, will clash at eachother on three action-packed days fighting for a total prize pool of ~1750$  (¥11400).
    Race War will be held as a 3 day tournament from the 6th to the 8th of October, 13:00 CEST and is actually sponsored by China.pngTeD and his fans! 
    The english broadcast can be seen at Back2Warcraft's Twitch channel.

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    GCS Winter: Western Qualifiers

    After the intense Golden Championship Series last August saw Ukraine.pngFoggy end third place (again) behind China.pngInfi and China.png120, the time has come for western players to qualify for this years Winter edition.

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    ACS 2017 - Behind the Scenes

    Hey folks! ACS playoffs kick off today at 13:00 EST, which means that Sunday we will be declaring the champion of Warcraft in the Americas. To celebrate how successful the tournament has been thus far, and to provide some insight into the "behind-the-scenes" work necessary to get this tournament running, North American tournament manager Canada.png Over-Admire, South American tournament manager Bolivia.png Martial Spirit, and organizer and caster United States.png DPort have agreed to answer some questions for us.

    Once again, interviews are hidden with the Spoiler! function to make the document easier to navigate.

    09.09.17 723
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    Americas Championship Series 2017

    ACS kicks off TODAY with exciting bracket matchups and $1375 USD (~€1142 EUR) on the line!

    Who will take home the FALL 2017 Ice-Crown? (That's a Frozen Throne reference, nerds!)


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    NWC3L - Season 8 kicks off!

    As we are approaching the end of the year - we are very happy to introduce another season for NWC3L. This time the team league will be using the new introduced Ladder maps from Blizzard.

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    EnaCup returns powered by ESL

    Ena has recently partnered up with ESL and uses his powers to continue EnaCup with $100 prize money for each EnaCup #3 and #4. In the past, his cup has had excellent success with Russia.pngHappy winning EnaCup #1 and Ukraine.pngFoggy winning EnaCup #2.