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Tournament Announcement Articles

Netease to Invest 700,000 USD in Tournaments Next Year

On November 23rd, Netease held its annual esports conference in Suzhou. We expected a big announcement for Warcraft III and were not disappointed.

Four different tournaments with an overall prize pool of 5,000,000 RMB! This is more money than Warcraft has seen during the last two years combined.

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LAN organized in Paris in December

SaTan the leader of clan FRA is organizing a LAN in Paris the weekend of December 1 & 2.

He asked for our help to spread the word and we gladly obliged.

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WGL Winter 2018: Predictions And Analysis

Starting on November 28th, the 7th installment of the Golden League Series will be hosted in Shanghai.

24 players will compete over a ten day period for what will probably be the last WGL Season before Reforged Beta comes out.

Let's discuss the new structure and whom we believe to be the favorites.

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GenoZ American Cup announced

The flood of hype from WGL America has not yet subsided and we already have more great news for the Americas. Gianni Rosheuvel is inaugurating the first GenoZ American Cup on Sunday.

This ambitious tournament plans to occur on a weekly basis for players from the Americas only.

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3v3 Ugri's Challenge

Earlier in February, we organized the first major 4v4 tournament ever set up for Warcraft 3 : Ugri's 4v4 Challenge.

Feedback was positive after the victory of team Akatsuki (ReMinD Reprisal FoCuS Lucifer) in the Grand Finals.

So we figured, let's do the same for 3v3 and see what happens!


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WGL Winter 2018 Qualifiers Announced

With a live audience, a stunning studio and a top notch production value, the Summer edition of WGL (formerly known as GCS) had set the bar very high last season.

Since it would be hard to do it better, let's make it bigger! The cast will go from 16 to 24 players, a 50% increase that will mostly benefit Westerners. We will go from three to six and maybe seven slots this time around through three qualifying sessions !

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Master's Coliseum: The Final Clash

With the four qualified players found, who will play the main event together with the four invited players, we are now ready to see the exciting tournament between eight players of the highest caliber!

If you haven't been following the preceding stages of the tournaments, here's a short recap of the qualifiers for you to read and catch up with what we can expect (or hope) from each player.

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W-League: New High Caliber WC3 League

The following announcement is authored by Emoji

From August 2018, WC3Station (a studio in China that organises WC3 tournaments like Color Cup and Master's Coloseum Qualifier) starts a new league named W-League.

Due to the update of new patches more WC3 fans start to focus on this game again and W-League aims to offer audience much more exciting competitions and offer pro-gamers a stable environment to be in good form and earning prizes.

W-League is sponsored by three sponsors, two of them now are keeping secrets of their details and another one is Touhou.Works. Touhou.Works is a website setted up by Hongkong Jike Technology limited company that focuses on sharing fanfic works over the world.

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Master's Coliseum - Big Offline Tournament in China!

If you've heard whispers in the wind about a big upcoming offline tournament, you've heard correct. Sponsored by Haohan Zhang and organized by SCBoy the tournament holds the largest prize pool of any Warcraft 3 tournament in 2018, with a whopping sum of ~$29,000! Separate from the Warcraft 3 tournament, there'll also be a Starcraft 2 tournament at the event. The catalysator for hosting the event is the Chinese government not allowing the Chinese players to attend Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta (Indonesia). Haohan Zhang and SCBoy therefor took matters in own hands and arranged this awesome tournament instead!

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Golden Championship Series: Playoffs Analysis

Neo had his hour of glory yesterday, drawing the playoffs live on stage.

How heavy did he go on the last eight contestants?

120, Lyn, LawLiet, Foggy were the four 1st place finishers. Infi, Moon, TH000 and Fly100% took the second place of their group.

All had their fate in Neo’s hands!

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