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Race War 2017 announced

21.09.17 | Supercutezombie 1537


Yesterday, Race War 2017 was announced, a tournament to determine which race is the best race in WarCraft 3! The teams, consisting of 3 players with the same race, will clash at eachother on three action-packed days fighting for a total prize pool of ~1750$  (¥11400).
Race War will be held as a 3 day tournament from the 6th to the 8th of October, 13:00 CEST and is actually sponsored by TeD and his fans! 
The english broadcast can be seen at Back2Warcraft's Twitch channel.

The teams' captains are: Fly100%LawLietInfi & Lucifer

The brackets are already revealed aswell and look like this:

The tournament will be played in two different modes for winners- and lowerbracket.

Winnerbracket: Everyone against everyone

Every player of the team has to face one player of the opponents team in a best of 3 series in order to determine the winning team. The team that won two of the best of 3s won the match. 

Lowerbracket: King Of The Hill

Each team sends one player at the beginning of the match and if he loses a map, he gets replaced by the next player the losing team picks. That player has to face the winner of the previous game. The team who eliminates all of the opponents' teams players first, gets declared as winner of the match and moves forward to the next round.

The mappool includes the following maps:

Amazonia - Ancient Isles - Echo Isles - Last Refuge - Terenas Stand - Turtle Rock - Twisted Meadows

Which race do you think will win? Or will individual players skill decide who will claim the crown? Let us know in the comments!



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