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EnaCup returns powered by ESL

30.08.17 | David 718


Ena has recently partnered up with ESL and uses his powers to continue EnaCup with $100 prize money for each EnaCup #3 and #4. In the past, his cup has had excellent success with Happy winning EnaCup #1 and Foggy winning EnaCup #2.

Everyone can participate! The more people, the better! Don't be shy and sign up! If you want to support the price pool, read below!

EnaCup#3 with 100$ price money:
Sat. 02nd Sept. 2017 - 16.00 CEST - Sign up here!

EnaCup#4 with $100 price money:
Sat. 16th Sept. 2017 - 16.00 CEST

Mappool: Normal mappool + new LV maps!
AZ, AI, LR, EI, SV, TM, TR, PILV (Plunder Isles Ladder Version), RtSLV (Road to Stratholme Ladder Version), TSLV (Terenas Stand Ladder Version), TGLV (Tirisfal Glades Ladder Version)

Platform: BNet Northrend (Europe), Channel: Clan Mode, Connectivity to w3arena is ensured through crossrealm bots.

Mode: BO1 until QF. QF/SF/Finals are BO3.

Live Stream English Commentary:

Follow ena1337 on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter!

Follow my social media to get informed about the further development! :)

Contribute into EnaCup price pools and/or Ena's activities:

If you want to contribute into the price pool or support my WC3 activities (please specify in your pledge message), you can easily do so via PayPal/Credit Card using the following link: or by contacting me with a private message! Please mention how you wish to divide the pledge (Price pool %/ Stream support %).

Every support is highly appreciated!



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