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European line-up changes for GCS

20.07.17 | Mrwhite 1009


One of the participants has declined his invite and therefore are we announcing that Rudan is travelling to China together with Foggy, Hawk and OrcWorker. The Gold Championship Series takes place August 16-August 22.

The biggest tournament of the year sees changes in the lineup, and sadly this time it occurs in Europe. Dimitry 'Happy' Kostin has declined his invite to the Gold Championship Series. Happy has given a statement that mentions 'Uncertain conditions/Lack of detailed information' being the reason for his decline. 

Tweet from Ugrilainen:

Rudan will go to Shanghai for GCS

Replacing @YesItsHappy, will join the European team of @FoggyHazy @InquisitiveHawK Orcworker

— Ugrilainen (@UgriWC3) 19 July 2017

The replacement has been found and announced. We are happy to announce, that  Rudan is the replacement of Happy. Rudan did previously attend an event in China, when he qualified to the Gold Championship Series Fall 2016 and ended up in the Group of Death. 

During his way in the qualifier of the GCS Fall 2016, he defeated LawLiet in an epic nailbiter that netted him the ticket to China. During the Group Stage, he did get placed into a very strong group, that included 120, Lyn and  Life. Although he fell short, his games gave us an indication of his skills and he should be proud of his performance in his first Chinese offline tournament. 

Rudan will travel together with Foggy, OrcWorker and Hawk to China and in collaboration raise the banner of Western Warcraft 3.

The decline comes at a very bad time for European Warcraft 3. Gold Championship Series opened their arms for a new region, that had the chance to enter the most prestigious tournament of the year. After the last good showing of Foggy and  Rudan, we got to send 25% of the participants to China!

We hope that this occurrence does not have any influence on future decisions for Gold Championship Series, after the hard work we have done to put the Western Warcraft 3 on the world map. No matter what, we should encourage and support our current participants! 

We wish the best of luck to our participants:  Foggy,  Hawk,  OrcWorker, and  Rudan. 

The Gold Championship Series group stage starts from August 16 to August 19 and the playoffs from August 20 to August 22.



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