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Super GCS 2017 - Grand Finale Recap

11.02.18 | Mrwhite, Pimz696 1315


Who can we crown the true Gold Championship King?

Let us recap and celebrate the grand finale of Gold Championship Series. 4 players, 1 Undead and 3 Humans! Who would be the winning player?

The most prestigious tournament of the year was played last weekend, and what a great ending for an amazing year of Warcraft 3 it was! GCS saw the biggest highlight from the Western perspective in that Foggy  showed his strength in the Chinese boxing ring. 

The wild west going to mainland China:
His outstanding performance during the GCS Summer and GCS Winter tournament proved the Chinese, that the Ukrainian was easily shaken off. The Night Elf player proudly showed China that the Western scene has the capabilities and platform to produce world class talents, that could compete at the highest level of Warcraft 3.  

Foggy  is not the only Western player, that has entered the big scene in China; players such as Cash , Sheik , Passion , Effect are all highly ranked on the NetEase ladder. Many of the Western players are playing with a disadvantage due to ping, but they are still perfectly competitive. 

If you did not read this article from Ugrilainen. I encourage you to see the Western entrance in the Chinese scene: link is here!  

To our big disappointment, it was later revealed that the Grand Finale would be an only-Chinese tournament. This meant that Foggy   was not invited and it was now only the best-performing Chinese players invited. With TH000  and 120  winning the Winter and Summer tournament respectively. The runner-up Infi  was invited together with the last best-performing Chinese player. 

Chinese madness:

The final participant had to be found through a qualification. Due to the mixed results and placements during the GCS Winter and Summer tournaments - three players were competing for the spot. 



The games were played on December 27 and the result was not surprising. Romantic  continued his impressive 2017 and qualified by 2-0'ing Fly100% and 3-1'ing Life. Keep an eye out for him in 2018! 

A lonely Death Knight and Human Towers

The grand finale main tournament would end up with three Human players and 120  playing one of his worst match ups. The semifinals would be 120 versus Romantic and TH000 versus Infi.

Big screen at the main event - 120 vs. Romantic

The undead necromancer would face off against the dangerous Romantic. Romantic's match up against Undead is lacklustre however, and a win rate of 54% shows that he would have to show his A-game against 120. 

The semifinals would be a best-of-5, so the Romantic would have many chances to show his growth in his games against the Chinese necromancer. Watch the games here:




Big screen: TH000 and Infi are next

The battle between the titans and friends. These two have known each other for a very long time, and even though both players had their moments, TH000 seemed to be in better shape during 2017 and his win at the GCS Winter showed that you should not doubt him.

On the other side, Infi showed weakness throughout the year and was looked like being in a slump the initial part of the year. His rage quits were more frequent and his loss against 120 at the GCS Summer 2017 in the grand finale must have demoralised him. This was therefore a perfect opportunity for Infi to finally grab a major title and present the statement, that he still can win major titles. 

These games were definitely among the highlights of the main tournament, so I really encourage you to watch them!



The grand finale with the winning finalists:

The trophy was the long staircase to the Ner'zhul and the Lich King 

The Grand Finale concluded perfectly. The two best-performing Chinese players met and had to determine the champion of the Gold Championship Series 2017. It was the perfect setup with a beautiful venue, and top class games.  120 and  TH000 again showed some amazing series, where one player dominated the other. The grand finale really shows the exceptional growth of talent, and maybe we should consider the winner - one of the greatest players of all time?

Watch the games here:

Last ending words (contains spoilers):

 120's victory against  TH000 shows that the Undead race has progressed miles with the rise of the young Chinese. The sheer amount of adjustments and execution should make every Undead excited and inspired. There should not be any question, that  120 is the best Chinese player at the moment, and his form is a flute. Even though he only had to practice against Human players - the match up has historically been his worst. 

This win against TH000 gives flashbacks to TeD and FoV! There is no question, that we are extremely excited to see, how far the Chinese necromancer can push the race. It is without a doubt that Undead is a viable competitive race, even without any balance changes to the game.

A massive congratulations to 120, your GCS Champion of 2017!



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