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4vs4 Tournament: Ugri Challenge

10.01.18 | RehcraM 3230


Ugrilainen, the Warcraft 3 visionary, has a new Warcarft 3 objective in the making: To organize the biggest 4vs4 tournament in the history of Warcraft 3, wherein Blizzards LV maps from the 4vs4 PTR map pool will be used! 

The tournament's prize pool will be partially crowdfunded through Matcherino. $700 has already been put into the pool, making the prospects look very interesting for the players.


Starting February 3rd at 15:00 CET, all the teams will participate in a Swiss Style Competition. A format that is new to the Warcraft scene, but has shown loads of success in other sports such as Chess and Hearthstone. After all the teams have played two maps against two different opposing teams, the teams with two losses get eliminated whereas the top 8 teams qualify for the second round. Tiebreakers will be determined automatically through the ESL bracket using The Buchholz System.

In the second round, on February 10th at 15:00 CET, the teams will be playing in a single-elimination bracket with bo3 matches. Here one team will come out undefeated and will claim the victory in the Ugri Challenge.

Map pool:

  • Battleground LV
  • Deadlock LV
  • Feralas LV
  • Golems in the Mist LV
  • Mur'gul Oasis LV
  • Northshire LV
  • Sanctuary LV
  • Twilight Ruins LV

All the LV maps can be downloaded here.

The tournament is powered by ESL. To sign your  team up go  to the tournament's ESL-page



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