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This Week in Warcraft: 14th-20th November

20.11.17 | RehcraM 939


A week full of exciting GCS matches, with the very elite of the Warcraft 3 competitive scene, has ended. Read a recap of GCS and the other tournaments from the past week below! 


GCS Winter 2017 - Group Stage

Date: 13th-16th November
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube

The Golden Championship Series, Winter 2017 has come to a conclusion! Jesterhead, who was at GCS as a correspondent for Back2Warcraft, has written an article that recaps the group stage. Hence the gazette will only contain the results of the group stage - I heavily urge you to read Jesterhead's article for a more thorough review!


Group A qualified players:

Group B qualified players:

Group C qualified players:

Group D qualified players:

GCS Winter 2017 - Playoffs

Date: 18th-19th November
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube




It has truly been a thriller following Foggy playing. Though his match against Romantic "only" ended 3-1, the games were filled to the brim with suspense and definitely worth a watch.

In Foggy's match against the veteran Check, Foggy once again put on a show. The first maps featured Priests of the Moon (PotM) mirror with ultimates and incredible turnarounds with Demon Hunter's (DH) metamorphisis. Foggy won the PotM mirror, but after Check switched to DH Foggy had a rough time making PotM work in his favour, this losing two games in a row. After himself switching to DH, Foggy managed to climb back and take the victory!

In the grand finale Foggy met up against TH000 who had eliminated Life and FoCuS in a clutch match. The grand finale gave did definitely not dissapoint us. Though Foggy come off good from the start, TH000 ended up finding ways to counter Foggy's various strategies, and won the Golden Championship!

The two players will again face eachother in the upcomming super GCS in January, where this season's 4 best players will compete. 

BaltPlay Open Cup Qualifier #8

Date: 17th November
Bracket: SPOILER
Cast by: Hi2Chaco



In this last open qualifier Cash and Lucifer ended up finding their way to the finale.

Cash took the win and thus won $40 and qualified for the main event.

The qualified players from the 8 open qualifiers are in order:

  1. FoCuS
  2. Happy
  3. OrcWorker
  4. Check
  5. Foggy
  6. Sheik
  7. LawLiet
  8. Cash





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