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Orc Strategy Articles

How To Basic: Orc

Here's the How To Basic guide for the final race, Orc. So if you want to learn how to channel your inner brute and crush your opponent with raw, untamed power, make sure to read this article!

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Grubby's Base Layout Guides

One of the most iconic Warcraft 3 profiles, Grubby, has released his thoughts on base layouts for all four races. Take a look at his cool videos below.

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Base Layout: Orc

I've gotten several requests to do guides for how you should make the layout for your base, and now is the time for said guides! Starting off with Orc.

I'll be covering the layout in all matchups, giving 'do and don'ts' and explanation as to why you should do it like that.

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Far Seer Guide: The New Meta For Orcs?

With the buffs Far Seer received in patch 1.29, we've seen quite a few players using him in various tournaments. 

In this article we'll take a look at how he tends to be played in the four different matchups.

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