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Nightelf Strategy Articles

Grubby's Base Layout Guides

One of the most iconic Warcraft 3 profiles, Grubby, has released his thoughts on base layouts for all four races. Take a look at his cool videos below.

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04.10.18 4174
Strategy Nightelf

Keeper of the Grove: The Terror of 1.30?

With the radical changes in 1.30, one hero in particular have seen a substantial rise in popularity; the Keeper of the Grove (KotG). In the recently concluded European WGL Qualifier #1, KotG was picked as the first hero 81,6% of the time (31 out of 38)! And this trend is not limited to the Western scene alone. Very similar numbers could be taken from the Netease September Qualifier.

This craze leaves answers to certain questions desired: What changed? Is this just a temporary trend? How do I utilize the potential of KotG? In this article I'll give my estimate on the above mentioned questions.

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How To Basic: Night Elf

I’ve finally pulled myself together to write my second guide for newcomers! This time covering the basics of the Night Elf race! I won’t be going in depth with the specific strategies of the race. I will, however, break up the race and take a look at its units, heroes, pros and cons as well as the basic ideas you won’t to have in each match-up.


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