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Human Strategy Articles

Grubby's Base Layout Guides

One of the most iconic Warcraft 3 profiles, Grubby, has released his thoughts on base layouts for all four races. Take a look at his cool videos below.

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28.11.18 2529
Strategy Human

How Good Will Control Magic Be?

The main focus of the upcoming 1.30.2 balance update has been the nerfs to Night Elf who's reigned supreme in patch 1.30. Have these nerfs overshadowed some other quite relevant changes? Let's take a look at Control Magic!

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08.04.18 3179
Strategy Human

Underrated Strategies: Blood Mage

A hero that only recently first caught my genuine attention is the Blood Mage. The Blood Mage possesses an extremely versatile set of spells, that allows him to both support allied heroes, encumber enemy heroes and dish out tons of damage. 

The Blood Mage's wide use makes him viable as either first, second and third pick. In this article I'll take some examples to explain how he should be used in the different strategies.

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06.01.18 3352
Strategy Human

Underrated Strategies: Naga Tower Rush

Doing an immediate tower rush against Night Elf players is rarely seen, but it is a great strategy that can take out an unprepared opponent in a quick fashion!

Read the article below to learn more about the strategy, where we will use a match between TH000 and Moon as an example!

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How To Basic: Human

Human units for the most part are fragile and without much brute force, but they take advantage of carefully developed technology and magic, to bring foes to their knees. 


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