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You asked for it: Match Ticker


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David » 3 months ago
You guys asked for it - I made it. We now have a Match Ticker with recent Wc3 matches on the side bar.

The data for the ticker comes straight from Liquipedia. If you want better and more recent data, don't come knocking on my door. You can easily contribute. Get yourself over to Liquipedia and help them out. Here's a link on how to get started. If there aren't enough people helping out on Liquipedia and the matches are stuck in the past, I will most likely scrap the whole feature again. You guys keep the data flowing and I keep the Ticker running - deal?

For the future I will most likely add more features such as the opportunity to comment on matches similar to the Readmore ticker. That's a bit more complicated and will take me more time. The whole feature is in an early stage - I just wrote it yesterday. The design will definitely change but I would like to get some general feedback here.

For example: Do you guys think it's necessary to display Tournament names and dates directly on the ticker or should everything be more compressed with details on a separate page like on Readmore? Please post any design suggestions here. Maybe include some screenshots or design sketches for ideas. I will be gone for the next few days and will consider your suggestions when I am back.

Work, work :peon:


B2W.Neo » 3 months ago
great job again david!
what we need is the time of the match and if its live or not. if its live, a streamlink would be nice as well as a link to the event


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David » 3 months ago
B2W.Neo wrote: great job again david!
what we need is the time of the match and if its live or not. if its live, a streamlink would be nice
I think this goes more towards the Liquipedia side since these things would require manual input. I can display the times but there aren't exact timestamps for everything (for instance all matches in one Gera Cup get usually the same time stamp). I am using some algorithms to try to determine whether matches are over or not (many of them are not marked as finished on Liquipedia even though they are over). Then I order matches from finished to unfinished. I cannot know when they exactly start though without being given the exact timestamp.

I could display all streams that pertain to a certain event on a detail page easily using the tag mechanism I am using for the calendar. Assigning a stream to a certain match would most likely require manual effort by the streamer. The tag system is not really useful for that since matches can be over quickly and there is a delay in both the twitch api and in the requests I make to get ticker information. If one wanted to explicitly assign streamers to matches, I could make a tool for that but it would be 100% manual (meaning I will definitely not be the one doing the manual stuff :D).
Work, work :peon:


hasufly » 3 months ago
Awesome job!


B2W.Neo » 2 months ago
Matches are not sorted by date somehow, right?


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David » 2 months ago
B2W.Neo wrote: Matches are not sorted by date somehow, right?
Matches are sorted in the following order: completion, date, event, match ID
Work, work :peon:

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