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Foggy in the Spotlights

16.11.17 | UgriWC3 1345


We honestly were worried for him when we saw that he drew those opponents in Group C.

With two legends, Moon and TH000, in great shape, currently ranked 2nd and 4th in B2w Elo rankings and starting against  WFZ who single-handed defeated the NE squad in Race War last month... it was quite the challenge.

But he just continued to impress.

Because We Care

Even during the Qualifiers, Foggy gave us matter to worry about. Beaten in the first Western Qualifier by Orcworker [2-3], he had to go through the 2nd one to qualify.

Signs are sometimes hard to read but dont we just worry too much because we care about his results? Since his qualification he nearly had a flawless preparation winning all tournaments but one Gera Cup where he ended 2nd.

He also balanced the scale with Happy winning more matches and more maps for a perfect preparation to face WFZ and supposedly later 120.

The Group of Death

If we were worried about Foggy, so were his opponents: WFZ and TH000 did not appear very serene during the games without unusual mistakes. Foggy was in control against the WC3 elite and qualified seemingly with ease on a 4-1 record.

Aftermath of Group C

Foggy is no longer the outsider coming to China for a surprise: he can enter a group with the two last WCG finalists and come out unharmed.

No Longer Being Ignored

Quite unfairly, Foggy kept being ignored for major tournaments due to his location in Europe.
NSL? not invited
AWL? not invited
Even for Nostalgia Battlefield, he had no clue when to register and could not compete.

Foggy has never been the one to avoid online tournaments due to any ping issues. Thanksfully, due to Keke's eternal support, the tide turned for the first time during Race Wars where he was chosen to represent the NE team with Life and Lawliet. Good picks by Keke by the way - they are all three in the playoffs of GCS today.

Right after his qualification, it was confirmed that Foggy would compete in the elite tournament of the year nicknamed "Super GCS". Where a group with the 4 best players of the season compete for a prize of 75000 RMB (~$11,000) overall. 120 has also been invited to Super GCS, and the last two will be announced after the GCS Grand Finale.

If Foggy wins one or both events, I do not see how tournaments organizers could avoid inviting him in 2018.

???BREAKING AWESOME NEWS??? After his stellar performance in the last 3 GCS event, China confirms participation in the next “Super GCS” in January (4 World best players of the season). 120 is confirmed + 1 ?? and 1 ?? tbd this week
  — Ugrilainen on Twitter (@UgriWC315th November 2017

As a Favorite

It will be a new feeling for the Ukrainian to enter the playoffs of GCS as a favorite. He was 3rd last time and the former top 2 are gone (120/Infi).

He also ended 3rd the time before and the then top 2 is gone as well (120/Lyn).

GCS emotions :)
- Foggy on Twitter (@FoggyHazy) 7th September 2017

There are no more Undeads and he plays Romantic in the first round against who Foggy has a great record against (having won 11 out of 15 matches).

Writer's note

It has been a long journey since Foggy came to China for the first time. I met him on May 21st 2016, the day before he had to play against Lyn.

Picture from when Ugrilainen first met Foggy

Before then I did not know the solo scene and I had never written a single article. Close to 80 of those later, I realize the impact Foggy has had over my everyday life and over all the projects that came after due to my discussions with Neo and Chatwin.

Few months before leaving China, it would be just perfect to see him being crowned as World Champion.

Good luck, Foggy!



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