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This Week in Warcraft: 7th-13th November

13.11.17 | MR_Moonstruck, RehcraM 975


Suddenly, a ton of action has once again sprouted in the Warcraft 3 competitive scene, with - among other things - GCS, AWL and Bamboocup advancements!

GCS Winter 2017 - Group A

Date: 13th November
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube

Finally, after a long prelude, we have reached the main even of this year's most prestigious tournament; Gold Championship Winter 2017!


A dissapointed OrcWorker has been eliminated without winning a single map in GCS - just like in his last GCS experience.

A player who definitely delivered was Fly100%, who has been underperforming greatly over the past few months. He looked confident and advanced in the tournament without dropping a single game.

The newer player, who does not have too much experience, did not manage to advance alongside Fly100%, as he lost twice to Check. Thus, the two most seasoned offline players of the group managed to move on the playoffs.

We will continue with Group B the 14th November!

AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League (AWL) Season 2

Date: 7th-8th November
Cast by: NicegameTV

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: NicegameTV Youtube

The AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League Season 2 is a tournament sponsored by the Korean broadcasting platform Afreeca TV in collaboration with NicegameTV, and played on the NetEase-servers. It is the successor to NWL.

It's an invitational event, 16 players join in; half of them Chinese, half Korean.


As we have reached the playoffs of this tournament, incredibly interesting matches start to appear. TH000 taking down Infi goes on to show, that he is ready to fight in the killergroup he has drawn in GCS. Or perhaps Infi is the one not on the top of his game? We will see tomorrow, when he plays his GCS group.

Back to AWL! In an amazing battle, Lyn defeated 120 in a close 3-2 victory. Even though Lyn is still just returning to the competitive scene after his hand injury and wedding, we have seen him improve incredibly fast. This victory is very promising for his ability to regain his former status as the very top player of Warcraft 3. Beating the current GCS champion definitely helps at least!

Bamboo Cup

Date: 8th-9th November
Cast by: Back2Warcraft (Neo and Remo)
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube Channel


After FoCuS thrashed Moon in the Winner Bracket Final, I was eager to see if the Korean would be able to bounce back and set up a rematch by winning the Lower Bracket Final, but first the majority of the Lower Bracket had to be played.

Many people were curious to see if Lucifer could continue his impressive mirror match against Chinese Undeads, after beating 120 in the NSL group stage. This did not seem to be the case, as after taking the first map he went down 2-1 against Wfz, who was the dominant player throughout the match.

After this series, Wfz was immediately playing again, as Life forfeited his Lower Bracket match due to a finger injury. Unfortunately for the Undead Scourge, Wfz’s good friend Yumiko had his number, playing MK first on all three maps and winning the series 2-1.

This set up a much anticipated rematch of an NSL playoff series between Moon and Yumiko, in which Moon played tavern heroes in the first 4 maps of the best of 5. It seemed that Moon did not feel confident in his unorthodox hero choices, or perhaps is saving them to excite us in his upcoming GCS matches. In this cup Moon played fairly standard heroes, with a Demon Hunter first on both of the maps he won. On map 2, Echo Isles, Moon went Dark Ranger first, as he does on occasion against Humans on this map, but was unable to significantly harass Yumiko’s expansion and ultimately lost to Yumiko’s strong Mountain King.

After earning his right to rematch FoCuS in the Grand Finale, Moon once again showed a disappointing performance against Orc, winning only a single map, Twisted Meadows, with an exciting mass huntress into dryad play. FoCuS took his maps seemingly with ease to win the Bamboo Cup Finals 3-1.

This Cup was set up as a little clan war between China and Korea, with four invited Koreans and four invited Chinese players. Perhaps Moon will still be satisfied with the all Korean Finals and the ~$750 he takes home, although we hope he will have a stronger showing against Orc during GCS this week.

Fast Cup 3

Date: 9th-11th November
Cast by: Hi2Chaco

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube

The Fast Cup, is a minor cup organized by the Chinese player Fast to celebrate the charm of Warcraft. It's played on NetEase-servers.


Facing players such as Sini, Check and Romantic, Foggy probably had one of the most challenging bracket paths to overcome.

Even so, Foggy managed to win the Cup. It was not without difficulties, as he dropped a few games, but it definitely goes to show that Foggy is ready for GCS either way!

In the semifinals against Check, Foggy seemed to be experimenting with a new idea: Priestess of the Moon in the Night Elf mirror. In the first map, he played her second (after Demon Hunter), which panned out in a win for him. In the second match, he tried her as his first hero followed up with Naga. This did not end well, as the opposing Demon Hunter and Beastmaster overpowered him.

Gera Cup #133

Date: 12th November
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch


Happy managed to, once again, grab the win in Gera Cup. He did however look a bit more shaky than normal, as he lost a map to Lucifer, Sok and even to Blade.

BALTPLAY Open Cup Qualifier #7

Date: 10th November
Cast by: Hi2Chaco and Masaa
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (Finals Only)

LawLiet seemed to win the first BALTPLAY Qualifier he participated in with ease, dropping only one map all tournament in the BO5 finals against Sonik. One more qualifier remains to earn the chance to compete in the main tournament for $200.




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