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GCS: Group Analysis

09.11.17 | UgriWC3, RehcraM 2095


The conclusion for this year's most prestigious tournament is quickly approaching. We have asked some of the most prominent profiles in the Western and Asian Warcraft 3 scene about their thoughts on the groups!

Group A

Fly100%, OrcWorker, Check,

Snowkiss (Warcraft 3 and Heartstone commentator): 

I think Fly and Check will qualify, Check has more experience than  I am looking forward to see if OrcWorker can qualify as well, I think that the fans would like to see more Europeans on streams.

Neo (Warcraft 3 commentator): 
Pew, Group A is really a tough nut to predict in my opinion. On paper, Fly is -the- favorite here and it should be a walk in the park for him usually. His recent performances though indicate a super weak shape and you know it's Fly so there's always a chance for him to lose Grunts or BM even if he's at his strongest. He's not the unbeatable juggernaut anymore and not even remotely close to his GCS performance 2016. Plus, he's not that great in Orc mirror, so everybody who think's that he'll qualify for the playoffs might have to reconsider it. On the flipside, his opponents aren't that strong. and OrcWorker are quite similar i guess. Both without too much experience, especially in LAN environment. That hurt OrcWorker the last time already, but he knows the studio now so maybe it gets better. If you look at their performances throughout the past year, none of the two did too good. They qualified for one GCS each and dropped in their groups without winning a match, but since then they have greatly improved.

I've never seen a stronger OrcWorker than in Western Qualifier 1 and if he's able to repeat this performance, he can make it to the playoffs for sure. I don't really know how familiar his two orc opponents are with the tier3 tech yet, so maybe thats an advantage. did super well at Taidu and GCS Qualifier #3, both big suprised. Hopefully the practise in the A1 teamhouse pays off, but I'd rate him a little lower than OW at the moment. Check on the other side has the most experience of all Warcraft players in the world. Durign GCS Fall, he was one of the big suprises of the tournament with very cool ideas that i didnt see before. I think he will make it to the playoffs, but not without struggling at least a little bit. Small X-factor for him here: He brings his little daughter with him. Will it be an extra motivation or rather a distraction? That's something only a father can tell you. I'm hopefully far away from that so we'll have to wait and see! My prediction:

Group B

Infi, Lawliet, XiaoKK, FoCuS

Laofen ( head editor): 

XiaoKK, this kind of player is a troublemaker. The whole world owes his dad a condom. Even if on paper, Infi and Focus look stronger, a dark horse like XiaoKK is always better for Warcraft - since famous players have more opportunities for fame and money. Anyway. . . after such a long speech I still choose. . . Infi and Focus!

 [Writer's note : Laofen and XiaoKK are very good friends, hence this epic answer]

Hundredkg (Manager and event organizer):

Infi is the Indisputable favorite (along with 120, of course) not only of the Group B, but the whole tournament. You dont follow WC3 at all if you dont see him in grandfinal fighting for the title again. Lawliet. First time we will see him at GCS and we all remember how good he was at last WCA 2016. These top Night Elves are not very predictable, but Lawliet looks the most cunning and prudent of them, I think he will impress us. I do not see FoCuS advancing. l be happy to fail with my ranking conclusion, but his perfomance at offline cups is often disappointing for fans. Hope he will be well prepared mentally this time. And his last perfomance at Bamboo Cup, although it was online event, with beating XiaoKK and Moon, gives us hope.
It is XiaoKK's first offline experience, so we won't expect much - I can only advise him to relax and try having fun. Any map taken by him will be considered like a good achievement. But WC3 always has a place for suprises!

Group C

Moon, Th000, WFZ, Foggy

TeD (Warcraft 3 legend):

I think it will go this way:

.. Why? Just a hunch!


Remodemo (Warcraft 3 commentator):

Group C is where it's at, man. All four of these players have what it takes to make a deep run in the tournament. WFZ may look like the underdog on paper here, but he has been really on fire lately. And as for the other three, we have seen in the recent and not so recent past that they can go all the way. They all better come prepared or else they'll find themselves being sent home early!
Moon, Foggy or Th000; either one could win the group. I do not think WFZ will make the cut, since he has not yet proven himself offline other than that i can't distinguish, but if I HAD to I would go with:

Group D

120, Lyn, Life, Romantic

Qiaolin (Warcraft 3 commentator) :

Well, if 120 loses against Lyn, Life and Romantic will have a hard time as 120 has a steady record against them.
I've been watching Lyn's form closely and he is practicing a lot recently so:

Hi2Chaco (Warcraft 3 commentator):

120 is ofcourse the clear favorite, but Lyn has been practicing more seriously than 120 the last few weeks. Life and Romantic are both considered the underdogs compared to 120 and Lyn, but Life and Romantic are in great shape recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if either wins the group.


With neither of the experts having the same predicitons on the various advanced players, we are definitely in for a very interesting groupstage! 

The festives will begin November 13th, where the two advanced players from Group A will be found!



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