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WC3 GYM: Interview With StopClick

06.11.17 | RehcraM 1534


A new very interesting community has sprouted over the past few months: WC3 Gym. A place where new, returning and seasoned players gather to chat about Warcraft 3 in order to improve.

I have had the utmost pleasure of asking StopClick, the man who initiated it all, a couple of questions about his thoughts on the community.


What and who is WC3 Gym exactly?

It is hard to pin down exactly what WC3 Gym does, because they do such a wide variety of things: they play casual games and internal tournaments together, critique each others' replays, write guides, debate different strategies, answer basic questions and a whole bunch of other things.
One thing is very clear to me, though: They are a open and kind-hearted community, who are always willing to help people improve.

The door is open to everyone who wish to join, either via their Discord channel or by entering the channel "Clan Gym" on the US East server (Azeroth) .


Hey StopClick. It is quite a new community in a very old game. How come you suddenly decided to create WC3 Gym?

Hello there! Well I just returned to the game myself after a long hiatus. You see, I have been a gamer my whole life. I was once the guy who had a <30% win-rate on US West.  I was fortunate to meet Xypher, a guy who taught me how to approach the game and learn from my mistakes. I firmly believe that he taught me a lot that I have found use for in my real life as well. I like to think, that this community tries to emulate the way Xypher helped me on an even bigger level to help more people.

What is the vision of WC3 Gym?

I think the gist of it is very straight forward: experienced players helping inexperienced players.

I think the community we have built is more than just a forum where you can ask questions about the game. We got games running pretty much at all hours of the day, every day. Because in the end we are in this community because we just like to play the damn game!

Having games running constantly internally in a clan has several benefits. First of all, we avoid queue times, which just make the game seem dead. Secondly, we get to know each other. This is both strengthening on a social aspect as well as an educational aspect, since you learn who are on your level, who you should ask for help, etc. We can also ask each other to play certain matchups and strategies against us to practice more specific stuff.
Games being spectated by several members is also a very common occurance, which allows for live discussion of the game between the observers.

In conclusion, I think the vision of WC3 Gym is to bring the community together, so you always have someone familiar you can play with, ask questions or just hang out with.

What is the general level of skill for the common member of the clan have?

I think this is a good question. The Gym has all skill levels from completely inexperienced players who just won their 1st match vs an easy computer, to more advanced players who played in various leagues at one time during the early days of the game. The spectrum is simply far too wide for it to be pinned down on one skill level.        

Having a mind set on improving and knowing that you may fail is most important to us - you may mess up in the game, but it does not matter. In all aspects, we are a gym for the mind (how cheesy it may sound), and in this, we want to help everyone who has a passion for this game, or simply wants to get into it.

Writer's Epilogue

I think WC3 Gym is a great community that ties a lot of the educational aspects of the game together. Most importantly I think it helps smoothing out the learning-curve, that Warcraft 3 has for new players getting into the game. For as much as I hold Warcraft 3; the learning-curve is simply waaaay to steep for newcommers.

I definitely encourage everyone - especially players who strive to learn or wants to help others - to join the Discord channel. Also with the ping reduction on, we Europeans also have no excuse for not to join their games! 



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