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04.11.17 | UgriWC3 1263


It has been one year, since I last interviewed He had just qualified for his first GCS due to a series of rather fortunate events. He was initially eliminated, but was called back after the forfeit of Anima, then faced Foggy, who had problems with his internet connection in a key game for the qualification. This event actually led to the West having its own qualifier afterwards. is now back in Shanghai, and his qualification had nothing to do with luck this time! I, Ugrilainen, have had the pleassure of interviewing him, regarding his thoughts and expections towards the upcomming GCS.

What is your daily routine nowadays between work, studies and Warcraft?

I spend almost all of my day playing Warcraft 3. I wake up around noon and either start playing, or start watching replays fromLyn,Fly100% or Focus. Sometimes I also livestream me playing. You guys can find me on Twitch. On top of that, I am also trying to go to the gym everyday. But to be honest, I did not go today, haha. . .

When I am in my hometown outside Seoul, I am teaching middle and high school students. Then I can only play Warcraft 3 late at night.

Impressive qualification for GCS and a nice victory over 120 in AWL: What do you aim to achieve in the GCS?

I want to be the champion. I think the higher expectations I have, the better result I can get.

To reach that goal, I practice way more that I used to. I really want to get a good result this time. 


You came to GCS once before: Do you think you are stronger this time?

I was lucky last year to go to Shanghai and I still am.

I think my level of play can vary a lot from one day to another. I have to practice my concentration to be more consistent in my level of playing.

If I can improve that, I will be able to affirm that I am stronger than last year. found some time for amusement at the Disney Resort, during GCS 2016 Fall

 A rumor running in China says that you decided not to go study in the USA this year in order to focus on Warcraft: Is that true? 

Who says that? Haha, I am not good enough at English or in any other field to go study in the USA yet. 

But If there is an opportunity to go there once, I want to go! 

Are you comfortable with playing offline?

I noticed recently that I am really uncomfortable when I play league games online. Offline will be even worse! I need to work on my concentration, this is the most important.

What do you think of your GCS group?

Group A - GCS Winter 2017

I cannot complain I think, the other three groups look like hell! 

Why are there so many orcs at GCS all of a sudden?

That is a mystery. Maybe the main reason is, that when the top orc players are strong, they carry all the other orcs with them.

I have learned a lot from their replays. Luck is also an important factor with the items you can find (Claws, Queltalas, boots, etc.) and how many critical strikes you can get.

Do you still all live in the A1 house?

Not the entire week, but yes, I still live in the A1 house with LawLiet, Sok and Chaemiko. I live there 3-4 days a week. The rest of the week I live in my hometown where I teach.

We will stay together at least until December/January, then we might extend longer.

Anything you would like to share?

One of my dream was to participate in an international offline tournament and I achieved it last year.

Now is the time to achieve my second dream. I want to get a solid result in a major offline tournament... wish me good luck!

Good luck!


If luck has to be a factor, it seems that his group draw gives him a lot of opportunities. He showed good results in orc mirror recently, even taking down Lyn 2-0 during the last qualifier. He should be ready for
Orcworker and/or Fly100%.

First game will be against Check though!




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