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This Week in Warcraft: 24th-30th of October

30.10.17 | MR_Moonstruck, RehcraM 861


Though both NSL and GCS are on break for now, there are still plenty - though smaller - tournaments to follow. If you have not been able to watch them, worry not! Read the article below to get yourself up to date with the latest in the Warcraft 3 competitive scene!


PandaTV Bamboo Cup Day 2

Date: 28th October
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: B2W Youtube

PandaTV Bamboo Cup is an invitational tournament. The event is organized and sponsored by PandaTV and played on NetEase-servers.

8 top Asian players has been invited (half Chinese, half Korean).


Moon looked phenomenol in this week's advancement of the PandaTV Bamboo Cup, first beating WFZ 2-0 and afterwards Life 2-0. In none of the maps against Life, Moon used any tier 2 units. First playing a fast game with Demon Hunter and mass archers, and in the second map he pulled of a game with Priestess of the Moon and mass huntresses. Mutual for both games were a vast number of hired mercenary units.

Having advanced to the Winner's finale, Moon will play against FoCuS, who defeated Lucifer 2-0, on November 8th.

Since the tournament is double elimination, Life, Lucifer and WFZ of course still have a chance of winning the tournament, if they manage to fight them through the loser's bracket. We will see advancement in the loser rounds on November 5th!


AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League (AWL) Season 2

Date: 24th and 25th October
Cast by: NicegameTV

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: NicegameTV Youtube

The AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League Season 2 is a tournament sponsored by the Korean broadcasting platform Afreeca TV in collaboration with NicegameTV, and played on the NetEase-servers. It is successor to NWL.

 It's an invitational event, 16 players join in; half chinese, half korean


In this kickoff week for AWL, we have finished two groups, with two advanced players from each.

Group A:
Moon, who has been looking very strong recently, made another stellar performance. First beating Life and the Chaemiko--both matches ended 2-0.

Fly100% who, contrary to Moon, has not looked on top of his game, also did not making a breakthrough this week. First being beat 2-0 by Chaemiko and afterwards 2-1 by Life.

In the group's final game, Chaemiko played Life in an intense series. After Life equalized the score to 1-1 on map 2, we where left with a single deciding game, played on Terenas Stand.
Though Chaemiko tried utilizing flamestrike to the absolute maximum, Life managed to tremble through the human army with a horde of Druid of the Claws.

The two Night Elf players, Moon and Life, advances to the playoff.

Group B: put on quite a performance, beating 120 2-0, and taking a map against Infi who had beaten Check prior to the match. The match against Infi did, however, end out in Infi's favour 2-1.

After 120 managed to eliminate Check, he got his revenge against, beating him 2-1. This advancing him to the playoffs together with his arch nemesis, Infi. 

Ena Cup #5

Date: Saturday October 30th
Cast by: Ena1337 (featuring Thendis32 as cocaster)
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Ena's Youtube Channel


The biggest Ena Cup yet featuring only LV maps took place this Saturday, featuring players such as Sok, LawLiet, FoCuS, and Foggy.

Once again, Foggy dominated this tournament, not dropping a single map the entire way. Far from being boring, however, the Ukranian made the tournament very interesting with some highly planned, unique strategies with exciting hero choices. Playing Keeper of the Grove first against FoCuS in the semifinals and rushing his opponent with hunts and mercs, staying mostly away from the Demon Hunter, opting instead for Wardens, Beast Masters, Pandas, and Dark Rangers, Foggy truly saw the fruits of all his hard work.

And, it seems, Ena was able to do what entire companies could not do in Warcraft's early history: pay the winners on time!


BALTPLAY Open Cup Qualifier #5

Date: 30th October
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco's Youtube Channel (finals only)


After being denied qualification to the BALTPLAY Open Cup in the finals of Qualifier’s #2 and #3 by Happy and Orc Worker respectively, the Ukranian legend Foggy was able to secure his position in the main tournament and the $40 prize pool of the qualifier by beating Sok in the final match. Now that he is qualified Foggy can no longer participate in the qualifiers, which can only be good news for Blade, who lost to Foggy in the semifinals of each of the three qualifiers Foggy participated in.


Gera Cup #130

Date: 25th October
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: B2W Youtube



In the semifinals FoCuS played Happy in an exciting match, with FoCuS coming out on top, after a deciding game where FoCuS took out two ziggurats with one single zapper and managed to take an expansion, of which Happy was not able to push through the defense of. Thereby FoCuS managed to reach the finale, where he was to face off against Foggy, who beat Lucifer.

Winning the first two maps, it looked like Foggy where going to convincingly win the match. FoCuS did, however, not get too rattled after his losses and managed to equalize in the next two maps, leaving the 5th map to decide the victor of the tournament.

The match ended with a blast of a game on Last Refuge. With a scouting wisp seeing the proxy Beastiary from FoCuS being built, Foggy managed to cancel it, and thereby delaying FoCuS' t2 unit production, giving himself more time to reach master training with his Talons. To make matters even worse, Foggy managed to trap the Blademaster in a stunning surround, which ended in the kill of the Blademaster who had sold his Town Portal and was out of mana.

Foggy's surround on FoCuS' Blademaster

Though FoCuS looked to be in very dire straits he staled the game and had two good fights, where he killed a vast amount of Talons and forced Foggy to flee.

In a push against FoCuS' base, Foggy had bought two Faerie Dragons, to punish the Spirit Walkers disenchanting cyclones, which worked out grealy in his favour. FoCuS was not able to control the mass production of Talons and could not fend of the push from Foggy.

Foggy ended up winning the match, and thereby the tournament, 3-2.


Gera Cup #131

Date: 29th October
Cast by: WoLv
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: WoLv Youtube



The arguably two biggest surprises of this week's second Gera Cup happened in the early rounds (r16 to be exact). In a human mirror between SworD and SoK, the underdog SworD surprisingly took the win against SoK, playing with some rather un-orthodox hero choices. Going for a tavern hero first, he picked Beastmaster, and thus having a game where his animal companions battled it out against the summoned water elements of the opposing archmage.
To empower the Beastmaster and deny the SoK's archmage/Panda from using spells, SworD chose the mana-hungry Bloodmage, which turned out in his favour.

Another surprise in the tournament was Crrpt who won against OrcWorker. Though Crrpt is a well-known and respected player in the Western scene, OrcWorker was definitely the favourite coming into the match.

None of the abovementioned players did, however, reach the finale. With Happy not playing the tournament, the two highest rated competitors, Foggy and FoCuS, reached the finale. The match ended 3-1 in FoCuS' favour, after he effectively managed to utilize Tauren Chieftain to defeat the Talon's from Foggy - invertedly to the result of the Gera Cups a couple days prior.


ESL Fall - Qualifier #3

Date: October 25th
Bracket: SPOILER




In the third qualifier of ESL Fall, Edo, a player who once in a while qualify for tournaments but never really made a breaking performance, faced of against the - a bit - more seasoned player, Blade (aka TheyCallMeImba in the bracket). Blade regularly compete against the likes of Foggy and SoniK, and though he is not quite of their caliber, he once in a while takes a map, or even a game, from them.

Edo and Blade played against eachother in the BaltPlay Open Cup Qualifier #5 the day prior, where Blade came out on top. Their match ended up with the same result; Blade winning.

In the fortune of Edo, two players advance from each qualifier, which means we will see both finalists at the main event!


G4L Autumn Cup

Date: 23rd October
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
VOD: Hi2Chaco's Youtube Channel (finals only)

This full random cup filled in for Moo Cup this Wacky Warcraft Monday.


In the finals between Cash and Lucifer, the two players ended up with switched races for the first map on Turtle Rock. Featuring very Night Elf heroes (double dh for Cash, Kotg and Tinker for Lucifer), Lucifer managed to take the first map with an expansion and a double bestiary mass wyverns strategy.

The second map saw Cash gg’ing out very quickly after his Night Elf Crypt Lord was creep jacked by a very lucky Lucifer, who drew Undead and Death Knight first. The final map saw Lucifer again drawing Undead, this time with a warden and mass gargs harassing Cash’s human MK first fast expansion successfully, winning the G4L Autumn Cup finals 3-0.




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