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This Week in Warcraft: 17th-23rd of October

23.10.17 | MR_Moonstruck, RehcraM 899


With the conclusion of both the last Western and Asian GCS Qualifiers, the last participants were determined for the upcoming, prestigious tournament; GCS Winter 2017! We have also, consequently, found the players, whom we unfortunately will not see at the main event. The online portion of NSL also concluded this week, and we know the order that players will compete in for the offline Ascension phase in November.

Read the article below, to get up-to-date with the latest in the Warcraft 3 competitive scene!


GCS Winter 2017 - Asia Qualifier #3

Date: October 19th-22nd 
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube

 Group Stage:


Group A:
Chaemiko, Sok, Lucifer and Colorful.

With four top notch players, Group A - together with Group D - could definitely be classified as a 'killer-group'.

Sok looked very strong, taking the fast route to the advancement, by beating both of his opponents, Chaemiko and Colorful, 2-0, thus taking the first place in the group.

Lucifer, however, did not look on top of his game. First, he was beaten 2-0 by Colorful, sending him directly to the loser's bracket, where he played against Chaemiko. Though Lucifer took the win against Chaemiko 2-1, it was a very sloppy match, from both players. In the loser's final, Lucifer again faced Colorful with the chance for revenge. Colorful - once again - took the win 2-0 in a very convincing fashion.

From Group A, Sok and Colorful qualified to the playoffs.

Group B:
LawLiet, WFZ, Vila and tbc_bm

In a group, where the results where quite a bit more predictable, every game ended 2-0, with the favourites LawLiet and WFZ advancing.

Group C:
ReMinD, Pingge, Fast and EleGaNt

In Group C, ReMinD was the clear favourite, and even though he lost a map in his first match against Pingge, he managed to stay in the winner's bracket and qualifying for playoffs.

The second player to advance was, however, a bit harder to predict in this group. Fast came out strong. After being sent to the loser's bracket by EleGaNt, he took out Pingge, and won the "revenge-match" against EleGaNt 2-0!

Group D:, Sini, Lyn and Yumiko.

As mentioned above, Group D was quite a thriller too. With the Orc legend Lyn back in the competitive scene (after his hand injury), it has been quite hard to judge to what extent he has recovered his skill level.

Having a very close match against Lyn, Yumiko lost and was sent to the loser's bracket, where he faced of against, who had just lost 2-0 against Sini in a bit of an upset. Yumiko was not at his best, as he did not even look like a match for, who defeated him 2-0.

Lyn took a nice win over Sini 2-0 and thus qualified for the playoffs. also managed to advance, after taking the win against Sini, and thereby redeeming himself.

Play offs:


WFZ in particular stood out in the last day of this qualifier's playoff. Although he got pushed to the loser's bracket in his first match, losing 2-1 to Lyn, he showed us an incredible run through the entire loser's bracket, which lead him to the grand finale. According to stats, his worst match ups are against Orc and Human, but it definitely did not look like that after he beat Sok, Lyn and All without losing a single map and even using an Undead tower push!
After carrying the Undead team to victory in the recent Race War, WFZ continues to impress us. I definitely think he is a player to be looking out for in the upcomming GCS main event!

WFZ did - however it may sound - not win the entire play offs, as he faced off against a very scary opponent in the grand finale:LawLiet, who had reached the finale without dropping a single map - an icredibly impressive achievement. Although Lawliet ended up winning against WFZ, he definitely did not look as dominating against WFZ, the match ending 3-2. 


Congratulations to LawLiet, WFZ, and Lyn who - in the mentioned order - qualified for the main event, as the last Asian players - quite the qualifier for the Korean players!


GCS Winter 2017 - Western Qualifier #2

Date: October 21st-22nd 
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube



In the last qualifier, Foggy dissapointed his fans, and definitely dissapointed himself ten times more, when he - in quite an upset - lost the grand finale against OrcWorker. 

In this qualifier, Foggy can be assured that he has not dissapointed anyone (except maybe his opponents). Not only did Foggy win the qualifier, he did not even lose a single map. And not only did Foggy not lose a single map; every map was a completely one-sided victory for Foggy.

In the first qualifier even the matches he won against HawK and Cash looked quite shaky, with him even dropping a map against Cash. But in this qualifier we could see an immense improvement in Foggy's playing. 

Congratulations to Foggy, who is going to Shanghai together with OrcWorker, where they will represent the West while battling the Asian overlords.


Date: October 25th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft 
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube


Moon finished off NSL online with an amazing run this past week. Starting with the lower bracket final against the dominating Infi, Moon continued his mass tier 1 pressure style that won him the series against TH000 last week, and it was just as effective this time around. After losing the first map on Ancient Isles despite having a Beastmaster level six with stampede, the stage was set for Terenas Stand for Moon to try and equalize. Infi got off to a great start with a sick peasant block on Moon’s archer, who was aggroing the creeps on his expansion. This led to Moon having to abandon his greedy Ancient of War creep, which in turn gave Infi the time to creep the bottom left gold mine and expand himself. He made it back to Moon’s natural in time to once again harass the Ancient of War creep. Despite this poor start, Moon remained unfazed and slowly pulled himself back into the game. He showed some excellent multitasking to keep tabs on Infi’s army, all the while creeping with his units and a second Ancient of War, which ultimately led to a nice creep jack on Infi at his mercenary camp. This gave Moon the time he needed to get back into the game. Moon produced mass hunts from two Ancients of War, which he followed with an Ancient Protector and glaive thrower push onto Infi’s expansion. With Infi’s expansion out of the way, Moon set up his own counter expansion, and ultimately ended the game with a creep jack at Infi’s natural expansion. This map was extremely even, with Infi showing some great micro and phenomenal multitasking by militia creeping his goblin laboratory while defending his expansion, for example. Ultimately , however, Moon was able to earn himself the map win.

The next map, Last Refuge, saw Moon again going for a Panda first tavern build, as he played against Yumiko and TH000 previously in the NSL lower bracket. Unlike against TH000, where Moon went for heavy pressure against his opponent’s expansion, Infi’s defenses seemed a little tighter. This meant Moon had to gain advantage in other ways, as Infi’s expansion slowly but steadily gave him the economy advantage. Moon found some excellent plays, with an Ancient of War creep at Infi’s goblin lab, which turned into a zeppelin harass to escape the creep jack, evening out the economies of the players quite a bit. In the end the map was extremely close, and it was only when the Panda hit level six and used Storm, Earth and Fire that Moon was able to put the nail in the coffin and take the lead in the series.

The final map, Amazonia, saw Moon exploiting the natural weaknesses in the human meta: the low hp of the Archmage and the weaker base defenses that comes with fast expanding. Infi played the map quite well, despite losing his Archmage several times to the Warden's blink-shadow strike combo. Avatar of Vengeance combined with a couple of expansion attempts proved too much for Infi, however, as he was unable to knock out the expansions with mass Spirits of Vengeance defending them. The game ended with an Archmage surround by the Warden and her summons, showing that level six heroes can be an army unto themselves.

Baltplay Open Cup Qualifier #4

Date: October 20th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch (Qualifier starts at 05:29:00)

The fourth qualifier for the BALTPLAY Open Cup was played this Friday. Personally I expected Foggy to win it, as he made it to the finals of the last two qualifiers, and since qualified players cannot participate in subsequent qualifiers, he wouldn’t need to worry about playing against Happy or Orcworker in the finals. However, the Ukranian legend did not participate in the qualifier, most likely to rest for the second GCS Western Qualifiers which were taking place the next day. This made the tournament bracket fairly open for Check and Razzorman, who both made it to the finals with ease. Check proved to be too much for Razzorman though, and he took the BO5 3-1. Check played many very enjoyable games throughout the tournament, including mass chimeras against The Great Wall on Twisted Meadows and Priestess of the Moon first against Razzorman’s Far Seer in each map of the finals.

ESL Fall - Qualifier #2

Date: October 18th
Bracket: SPOILER



Anima once again, after the GCS qualifier, proved that he belongs as one of the top players in this weeks ESL Fall qualifier (nr. 2 of out 3).

After battling his way through various opponents, he made his way to the grand finale, where he faced off against Walter. Although Anima ended up losing the finale, he cannot be all dissapointed with himself, since both players will be advancing to the main event!

MooCup #102

Date: October 16th
Cast by: Marsimoo
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Marsimoo Twitch


In certain tournaments with different wonky rules, some player whom we usually don't get to see reaches the surface. This was the case in this week's random MooCup, where we saw JohnnyCage beating players whom we normally would rate quite a bit higher than him. He first went 2-1 against SoniK, then won against Bizarre 2-0, and in the grand finale he beat Cash 2-1, which meant JohnnyCage was be the victor of this MooCup.

The well-known Lucifer also attended this Cup, but he was eliminated at the hands of Cash in the semi finals in a very close match. In the deciding game, Cash (who recieved Human/Alchemist from Lady Fortune) made a fast expansion on Echo Isles. Lucifer, who played with Night Elf and - quite well-fitting with his name - Pit Lord, wholeheartedly tried to take it down, even pumping out three glaive throwers at some point. Cash defended the expansion, which helped him to an economical lead and thereby allowing him to overman Lucifer with riflemen, casters and mortar teams!



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