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Content Creator Highlight #2: Hi2Chaco

07.10.17 | RehcraM 1209


Having established himself as one of the main pillars in coverage of competitive Warcraft 3, he helps us to gain insight in the Asian scene - both in tournament and ladder play. I am glad to announce that Hi2Chaco has agreed to partake in the second episode of Content Creator Highlight!

Overview of Hi2Chaco

Active on both YouTube and Twitch, Hi2Chaco puts a monumental effort into delivering top-notch broadcasting of - mainly - the Asian scene. When not broadcasting tournaments such as Hols Cup and GCS on his Twitch Channel, he spends his time streaming live Netease ladder games. By doing so, he facilitates an insight into the less competitive games played by elite players, where there is more room for experimentation. This can, for instance, be seen in one of his most recent YouTube uploads, where Infi faces off against Rudan, and Infi uses a very... un-orthodox strategy.


Hello Hi2Chaco, thanks for doing the interview. Do you want to give the viewers a quick introduction of yourself?

Hey, I'm Chaco, I commentate Warcraft 3 almost every day. Besides streaming, I play games, study stocks, workout, watch anime and Twitch.

How come you commentate instead of playing the game? Have you ever been into playing the game yourself?

I commentate, because I cannot play anymore due to an hand injury. I started playing back in 2004, then stopped when Starcraft 2 was announced, and did not install Warcraft 3 again until earlier this year. I've always played Orc as my main race.

What race/matchup do you find most interesting to watch?

Recently, I've been interested in Undead vs. Human the most, because the Undead push is inevitable and it is up to the Human player to find some way to defend it, which often means a lot of harrasing (assuming Human went fast expansion).

You are an avid follower of the Asian playerbase. Is there a player that you find especially unique, because of innovative playstyle, skillset or just pure entertainment?

Life is the player that has impressed me the most with his amazing skills. It is only a matter of time before he wins a tournament. Infi is the most entertaining player to watch though, because he plays Random frequently and often plays some troll strategy, yet still makes the games very close, and sometimes even beats other pro players with his troll strategies.

We recently saw OrcWorker qualify for the GCS Winter 2017 as the first Western player, after beating Foggy 3-2, and he also beat FoCus 2-0 in Gera Cup. Do you think OrcWorker and whoever qualifies together with him will stand a chance against the Asian players?

OrcWorker has been playing pretty amazingly recently, but I still consider him the least likely player to win from all the people qualified so far. He has a small chance though, and I would not be surprised if he takes a few matches from the Asian titans.

Both Infi and ReMinD have been doing well in the NSL. Who would you say looks like the most likely player to win the whole thing?

Infi has been playing great in every tournament he participates in, while ReMinD has only done well in NSL recently. On top of that, I think ReMinD's opponents have not been as strong as Infi's, therefore I would say Infi is the favourite.

Do you have anything you want to add or tell your fans?


*Referring to a snake game he enjoys playing on his stream



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