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MooCup #100: Show yaa fkn Skillzz!

04.10.17 | Supercutezombie, Pimz696 1292


The MooCup has a long tradition within the German and European WarCraft scene. With its 100th episode drawing near, we talked with Marsimoo, the man behind it, about the anniversary and other trifles surrounding his doings.

MooCup#100 is crowdfunded by Marsimoo and his community, and sign-ups through ESL are still open. You can register via this link, where you also find all relevant information.
The cup will be held on October the 7th.
If you want to contribute some of your hard-earned money to the prize pool, feel free to do so on Matcherino.

[handsomeness intensifies]

SCZ: Greetings Marsimoo! Congratulations on 100 editions of MooCup! Before we get deep into the topic, let's touch some general bases surrounding you, streaming and MooCup. Could you please give us the usual quick introduction of yourself by telling us who you are and what you do?

Marsimoo: Hello and thank  you for having me! And thanks for the congratulations, the 100th episode of MooCup is finally upon us!
My name is Leon aka Marsimoo, I am a freelance actor from Berlin, usually working in the theatre scene. I also do voice- and dubacting for audio books. Two years ago, I started to stream WarCraft 3 because I enjoy the game and wanted to try out streaming. And now, suddenly, we have 100 MooCups that the community managed to organize, haha!

SCZ: That's quite interesting! Were you able to draw anything from acting on stage or voice-acting for your streaming activities, or do you think these two things differ too much from each other?

Marsimoo: I think these two definitely profit from each other. During my acting studies, I also finished a narration class, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to start streaming. I wanted to try out what I learned  and develop it further. But, of course, streaming still is just a hobby, I don't constantly pay attention to the way I speak and pronounce the way I would if it would be a paid job. Things like conceptual curves or keeping the tension up are things that are definitely great for moderating a stream.
But when I act too much in front of the camera, the streamchat is already giving me the looks. There are also differences between how you act in movies and on the theatre stage, but that would be going too deep into the matter for now. 

SCZ: Do you still remember organising the first MooCup? Back then, were you already planning to host WarCraft competitions more often? Doing such tournaments can be a hassle, I imagine, especially when you are not really experienced yet and dive deep. Players not showing up, starting to instult or doing other weird stuff... How were the MooCups back when you started doing them, and how did they evolve through the last couple of years?

Marsimoo: MooCup actually started with the same naivety that I had with streaming almost two years ago. In my first streams I had ~10 viewers, so we thought it would be cool if I could comment on showmatches. I named the first of these best-of-three showmatches MooCup. And what started out as one showmatch grew over time with four, then 16 players, and so on. When we had 16 players it really was a big thing, haha. We did everything on our own; the grid, the players had to host their own games on Battle.Net, enter their results et cetera. Of course, some things didn't go as planned but it is what it is: "the show much go on".
That's how it went on until I decided to put some of the donations from Twitch into the prize pool of the cup. That's when the pros showed up.
Later, we switched to w3Arena und MooCup got even bigger and established its name. Around the 60th edition of MooCup, the ESL approached us to host our tournament on their website. I am very grateful for that opportunity. Of course, this means that more people are involved and that you have to make more compromises, but until now, the collaboration went very well. MooCup started as a small cup and I don't want to lose that spirit, that's why I always motivate beginners to play with us to have a cool cup for everyone.
In the beginning we naturally had our problems with players not showing up or having no appropriate host, but by now, we have managed to build a very competent team!

SCZ: Now for MooCup #100 you're going with a crowdfunding campaign to raise the prize pool. Could you tell a little about why you chose this approach, and what the rewards are for those who haven't donated their hard-earned money yet?

Marsimoo: As I said, usually I use a part of the Twitch donations as prize pool. The crowdfunding idea started because I wanted to do something special for MooCup #100, and crowdfunding is the easiest way to collect money.
Why people should donate? If you enjoy WarCraft 3 as much as I do and if you want to help to create something, then raise the prize pool. That always makes the content more exciting and opens up possibilities. The contributors and viewers benefit from that the most.
Don't forget that WarCraft 3 would be dead a long time ago if the fans wouldn't keep the game alive by supporting cups like these with their voluntary work and donations.
But of course you also need sponsors too. I was lucky enough to get to sponsor me with some hardware for #100. That's a great progress and really excites me.

SCZ: I was curious about the player field so far and was suprised that no real known names were there so far! The ones that you would see go far in GERA cups for example all weren't there. Happy of course, and Walter is also quite well-known, but other than that? Giving the already raised prize money (€ 450 at the time of writing), it would be a shame if it would stay like that. But maybe most of the players  will sign up at the day of the cup itself or a day prior. Anyway, good for those who participate. Let's hope for a surprise winner. On that note, do you have any players that you would love to see because you have always enjoyed their style?

Marsimoo: Well, in terms of players, we already had many players that you can count into the professional gamers category: yAwS, Foggy, Lucifer, Rudan, FoCuS, Sok, HawK and as you mentioned; Happy. The list goes on and on. The reason why the Chinese aren't playing is obviously that they are living in China. They can't access w3Arena, which takes away the opportunity to play on w3Arena. So, we are always anxious to get the best players from Europe and Korea.
I myself am a huge fan of yAwS gamestyle. He's the reason why I myself play Human and keep playing them. He has a very "fuck off" kind of style that is very jaded. I also love his creativity. Fingers crossed that he will play MooCup#100 too. Of course it also would be utterly amazing to have guys like ToD or Grubby... I guess one can have dreams, haha.

SCZ: What actually made you stream in German? I think you are currently the only one streaming only in German with a relatively big reach aren't you?

Marsimoo: I just happened to stream in German because it crystallised that most of my community was German, just like me. People always tell me to stream in English because I'd have more success with it, but then I might lose the fun I'm having. But I wouldn't mind to co-cast with Back2WarCraft in English. I know that I am pretty much the only streamer that is talking German only, so I can't really compare, but my reach isn't that big. The community is very loyal, so I am having fun anyway. Shoutout to everyone in the MooCommunity <3

SCZ: Do you already know what will happen after MooCup#100? Do you have any new tricks up your sleave that you can spoil for us? Something you want to pull on the community to make MooCup even more exciting and prestigious?
During the Road to MooCup we saw things like all-random-heroes stuff et cetera, are you planning to do these more kind of fun modes regulary?

Marsimoo: Right now, I am just really looking forward to MooCup#100. I don't have any concrete plans for the time after it. MooCup is a very diverse cup and that's the way I want to be. I will continue to play with different formats, like random hero, random race, unusual maps and so forth. By nature I am someone that likes to improvise so I am doing most of this by instinct.

For MooCup#100, a lot of effort was put into it. Crowdfunding, sponsoring, promo videos, promo graphics, interviews, social media promotion and so on and so forth. I hope all of this pays off, but we'll see that on October 7th on 16:00 CEST. Neo from Back2Warcraft will cast together with me. In the end, it is also a good test run to see if all the effort is worth it for future events. Ultimately, I only have fun streaming on Twitch if the project keeps on growing. If it stagnates, or the people start to dislike my content, I will focus my energy on other projects such as the MooEntertainment channel on YouTube where I'm producing audio books. 
Let me repeat that WarCraft 3 is depending on private people that support the game, time- and moneywise. Blizzard certainly doesn't put any money into the scene or the streamers, so as long as these people are around, the game will keep on existing.

SCZ: What are your wishes for WarCraft 3 in the future and how do you think will it develop in the next couple of years, with Blizzard working on it again?

Marsimoo: That question is easy to answer! I would love to see a WarCraft 3 remastered, new balance patches and new content (heroes, maps, units). It's also good to see some things are actually happening, like the decreased delay in BNet (who would've thought...) so not all hope is lost. I think it'll stay exciting in the future.

SCZ: Thanks for the little chat Leon, all the best for MooCup#100! Keep on doing the great work for the WarCraft 3 scene. The last words on this are of course yours.

Marsimoo: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present my project!
I would like to give a special thank you to Ena1337, who managed to become the second brain behind the whole project Marsimoo! Also a big shoutout to our most active and helpful admins Orkiel and Lemonwalker. But let's not forget about our top donators; SirKato, Gravediggor and shianshin. Heaps of love also to everyone else involved in the MooTeam. You are the people that keep this going and it's a pleasure to work with you. Thanks to everyone that supported me so far, I hope we will see each other on Twitch, Saturday the 7th of October at 16:00 CEST!

If you want to follow Marsimoo, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook or join his Discord.



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