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This Week in Warcraft: September 26th-October 2nd

02.10.17 | MR_Moonstruck, RehcraM 992


With having not one, but two GCS qualifiers played out, we have had a busy, but exciting week. This first western qualifier, the first player to travel to Shanghai to represent the West has been found. Also, the NSL playoff is getting closer and closer to the big crescendo. This week, we saw the players in the loser's bracket fight for their chance to win a piece of the year's biggest prize pool!

Tune in and get updated on the exciting games of the Warcraft 3 competitive scene from the last week!

GCS Winter 2017 - Western Qualifier 1

Date: September 30th and October 1st
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Twitch



Smiting down Russian after Russian (namely TGW, HawK and Cash), Foggy made it to the Grand Finale, and although he - rather suprisingly - dropped a map against Cash, he looked strong the rest of the games.

OrcWorker made it to the finale, facing Foggy, after beating all three above-mentioned russians in the lower bracket (initially losing to Cash in the winner bracket's semifinal).

In the finale, OrcWorker baffled, by winning the two first games against Foggy. Foggy, however, made a comeback and evened the score by winning on Twisted Meadows and Ancient Isles. The two losses did not rattle OrcWorker too much, as in the fifth map, he played his heart out and took down the favoured player, thereby winning 3-2.

Congratulations to the underdog, OrcWorker, for qualifying as the first player to represent the west at GCS Winter 2017 in Shanghai!

GCS Winter 2017 - Asian Qualifier 2

Date: September 30th and October 1st
Cast by: Back2Warcraft and Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube and Hi2Chaco Youtube


In a playoff bracket filled with intense and exciting games, Moon took the victory over Check 3-1. Check shook things up several times, by picking Priestess of the Moon as his first hero. This did, however, only win him the first game against Moon in the winner's bracket finale, ending the match 2-1 after Moon turning the tides, very similar to his match against LawLiet in the quarter finals.

After beating Romantic 2-1, Check once again faced off against Moon - this time in the grand finale. Once more trying to make Moon uncomfortable with an unconventional strategy, Check - once again - whipped out the Priestess of the Moon as the first hero trying to take down Moon with mass huntresses. Moon managed to stand his ground and took the lead in the finale after game 1. In game 2, Check went for the more popular first hero; Demon Hunter. But even then he dared to go for Keeper of the Grove as second hero, paired off with Mountain Giants, which did not pan out in Check's favour either.

On Amazonia, the two players went for the same army composition - both bears and dryads. After holding out against Moon's all in push, Moon conceded and thus winning Check his first map of the finale. Repeating himself, Check tried to make his Priestess of the Moon and huntress push work, by utilizing their movement speed on the big map of Twisted Meadows.
Moon did still not crack, and proved that he is a player who has enough experience to adapt to alternative playstyles.

With the conclusion of the second Asian qualifier Moon, Check, Romantic and XiaoKK are qualified for GCS Winter 2017. 


Date: September 27th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft(Neo and Remo)
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Playlist


Are you tired of always seeing the same old meta? Do you wish the pros would take a lesson from Spaceman Spiff and switch up their strats every once and a while? If so look no further than the Moon vs Yumiko series in NSL! Playing “tavern roulette” (Copyright Remo), Moon chose first heroes that included the Beastmaster, Panda, Tinker, and the Firelord. Whether or not this was the most effective strategy is open for debate, but five maps later Moon was moving on into the lower bracket quarter finals to play FoCuS this Wednesday.
This week was the first NSL to feature Moon, due to technical difficulties with B2W's overlay. Moon participated in the recent Balkan League Qualifiers, but other than that I don't know much about this player. "Bulgarian Moon" has since become a meme within the Warcraft community #KnowYourMemes

 Lucifer recovered from his 3-0 loss to Remind in the first round of NSL playoffs by beating Fly100% in the first round of the lower bracket. The series was extremely close, with both players trading blow for blow, but Lucifer managed to win the final map to take the series 3-2.

BALTPLAY Open Cup Qualifier #1

Date: September 29th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch (Qualifier begins at 03:41:00)


This week in FoCuS vs Happy Cup… Wait a minute, what do you mean this wasn’t Gera Cup?

Featuring a great line up of player often seen participating in Gera Cups, such as OrcWorker, Imperius, Sheik, FoCuS, and Happy, the first BALTPLAY Open Cup qualifier was a big success. Unsurprisingly, Happy and FoCuS made it to the finals, where FoCuS took the $40 prize pool in a clean 3-0 sweep. Seven qualifiers remain to find participants for the main event (which will be played on the 24th of November), which leaves only one question: will anyone be able to stop Happy now that FoCuS is already qualified?

G4L Cup #3

Date: September 28th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch (Cup starts at 04:37:00)

A fully random cup featuring Sonik, Imperius, Crrpt, and Sheik.

Surprisingly to many, JohnnyCage (aka Scc) won the tournament, beating Sonik 3-0 in the finals!

Hols Cup #11

Date: September 26th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft (Remo)
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Playlist


Seamlessly defeating all competitors, both Infi and LawLiet reached the Grand Finale in this week's Hols Cup without dropping a single map. And what happens when and unstoppable force meets and immovable object? Well, in this week's finale we got ourself a heated match that ended after five games.

LawLiet started the match off, by showing us that he has not lost touch with his former glory. After a swift and furious Warden rained chaos down on Infi's footmen, Infi had to tap out after only 7 minutes on Echo Isles.
In the second map, Last Refuge, LawLiet once again showed us his aggresion. When trying to get an immediate expansion, Infi got in trouble with Illidan, who killed half a dozen of his peasents. Although Infi, after some time, got the expansion running, a horde of huntresses pushed through on the expansion together with Ancient Protectors, which inevitably ended in Infi's defeat.
Infi came through in the two following maps: Turtle Rock and Ancient Isles. The game on Turtle Rock ended quickly after LawLiet pressed his Warden into Too deep waters and got her killed, while trying to interrupt the expansion by Infi. Ancient Isles also ended in Infi's favour, after a hard fought battle where the Blood Mage's flame strike ability hit LawLiet's forces hard.
On the last map, Terenas Stand, Infi kept a high pressure on LawLiet, while expanding. Even though the expansion attempt was succesful, LawLiet then managed to push back Infi's footmen and assemble a critical mass of huntresses, who took down Infi.

After an exciting series, LawLiet took down Infi 3-2 and thereby won Hols Cup #11.

Gera Cup #127

This week's Gera Cup has been postponed till October 3rd.

"You can already write the news for Gera #127: Happy won"
                                                           -David, creator of

Watch Gera Cup #127 this Tuesday, or read about it in next week's Gazette to see whether David will be proven wrong or if Happy, for the 30th time, will win the cup.



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