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TeD interview: WC3 not dying anytime soon

01.10.17 | UgriWC3, RehcraM 2450


There is always a good reason to talk with TeD: be it his solo legacy, his outstanding 2v2 results, his current casting career, or the state of Warcraft nowadays. He always has a valid perspective on any topic.

At first I wanted to talk about Race Wars, which one of his fans allegedly sponsored, but we went on discussing something else entirely!

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!
TeD would have looked nice in the UD team in the upcoming Race War tournament. Why are you not playing solo events anymore?

If I want to be playing for solo events, I need to practice hard to keep my skill level competitive, and I would have to study the strategies of other players. Also I have not been maintaining my micro. I tried to re-establish my skill level, but it did not go well - I really cannot do it.

You won the GCS 2v2 tournament of fall 2016 with Hainiu. Won't we see anymore high stakes tournament for 2v2?

It's pleasant to play 2v2 with Hainiu, he is a player who has studied 2v2 for ten years, he got loads of experience and he is a very funny guy. We have great communication during the game.

There are several reasons as to why it is difficult to have 2v2 tournaments. First of all, the prize pool of the tournament has to be a lot bigger, since two players need to get paid. This is the biggest problem. The second problem is that having offline tournaments of 2v2 is very time consuming. Like GCS Summer went on from 4pm to 12 midnight each day. If you want 2v2 games, then we would have to keep up this schedule for up to 10 days. It is quite stressing for all participants of the tournament. It, however, is quite easy to have online 2v2 tournaments. Many strong teams who play 2v2 got jobs, so they do not have the time to participate in 2v2 offline tournaments. WFDC was attracting many strong teams of 2v2, and it was on fire!

What is Hainiu doing now?

Hainiu is maintaining his curtain shop. He usually goes to his shop and then plays another video games. It is just like he wants to disappear from esports.

You used to team up with Fly100% in 2v2, but then you started teaming up with Hainiu, and Fly100% with Zhou_xixi. How come this change?

Yes, Fly100% and I used to play a lot of 2v2 together, and we had a good winrate in ladder. The change happened because we both wanted Night Elf in our team, though none of us plays it. More specifically the reason was Keeper of the Grove (KotG). We started facing the team of TH000 and Infi, who kept using KotG as their first hero, and they destroyed us with it.


If you play a lot of 2v2 you will find, that KotG is a tough hero to face. We tried to counter it with Tauren Chieftain and Shadow Hunter, but we ended with the conclusion, that all 2v2 teams need a Night Elf player in the team. Only Night Elf can counter KotG properly, and if you play Night Elf you yourself can use KotG. The team of Yumiko and WFZ is a very strong team if they avoid Night Elf, but nowadays that is impossible, so I think they will need to invent more strategies against them.

Who are the players you like to hang out with the most?

The player I want to hang out with the most is Sky. He affected me from an early age of Warcraft 3, when I got into the circle of professional gamers. Everytime when 120, Fly100%, Zhouxixi and I meet at an offline event, we always grill together.  And everytime Its like a big party!

Which are your most memorable parties with Warcraft players?

The first one was in 2008 when team WE won WC3L with a full Chinese roster (Sky, Infi, TeD, SuhO, Like).

Then, of course, was 2012 after I won WCG against Fly100% in a classic BO3!

Legends of their races : Sky, Moon, Grubby, TeD

Can you describe a TeD routine day when casting an event online?

It's not so busy when I give commentatory for online games. I just check the schedule of game last night, and remember every player's result while preparing for the upcoming game. I just play other games when I have free time, mostly Diablo 3 - I found out, that I am good at playing necromancer.

You were chosen to cast the finals of GCS : can you tell us about this experience?

First of all, it is a pleasure to receive an invitation to come to GCS as a commentator. There is a huge difference between casting offline and online games. Offline games needs commentators who are technically strict, because you have to give audiences a good experience. When it comes to online games, you can chat with your fans while you are watching the game. It is a lot more casual. At offline events you can talk to players face to face when you finish casting the game. After the games have been played, it feels just like being a player. We will go to a room and talk about the games of the day.

With five casters for GCS in rotation, is it hard to adapt to different co-casters within the same event? With whom would you say you feel the most confortable casting?