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GCS Winter: Western Qualifiers

21.09.17 | Pimz696 1070


After the intense Golden Championship Series last August saw Foggy end third place (again) behind Infi and 120, the time has come for western players to qualify for this years Winter edition.

Golden Championship Series Winter 2017

Western Qualifiers

Starting Saturday, the 23rd of September, western players (that is, those not from Asia) have the golden opportunity to qualify for the GCS Winter edition. This time over, there are just two slots available in the main event for western players. Each of these slots will be awarded to the winner of one of the qualifiers.

In order to get into the qualifiers, there will be two prequalifiers open to everyone. These will be played single elimination style, with the early rounds being best-of-one, and best-of-three from the quarter finals on. The four best performers from the first prequalifier may then participate in the first qualifier, where they will compete with four players that are invited by the organisation. The numbers two to four from the first qualifier are automatically placed for the second qualifier too. Both qualifiers are played via double elimination, where all rounds are best-of-three, up to the grand finals, which will be decided best-of-five. The dates for these events and other relevant information can be found below.

At the time of writing, several veterans whom we have seen perform well in recent events such as the Americas Championship Series and Gera Cups (Hunter, Myst and Cash come to mind) have already registered for the open qualifiers. With only two slots available for the main event in China, the stakes are high, and the European top players can ill afford to be caught off-guard by alternative meta from the other side of the pond. The more the merrier, all western players are warmly encouraged to participate in the open events, and show the world how vibrant the western Warcraft III scene still is!


Prequalifiers #1:

September 23rd: 18:00 CEST

Qualifiers #1:

September 30th - October 1st

Prequalifiers #2:

October 14th: 18:00 CEST

Qualifiers #2:

October 21st - October 22nd



Information and registration:

Information at Liquipedia

Registration, rules and information at ESL Gaming

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