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15.09.17 | Supercutezombie 1396


Yes, you read that right! is back!
With a new team, but still with the old and clean look that made the site a joy to the eyes. And with a new name as well! 

You can now find them over here:

For now, you can only upload Reign Of Chaos replays to their database. Plans for a section related to The Frozen Throne do exist, but the website is still in its implementation phase. The team is adding new features over time in order to give the site a more user-friendly interface.

I used the opportunity to have a very brief talk with staff member HardCoreOne about the relaunch of the website.

Greetings HardCoreOne, thanks for your time. Since Replayers is now back from the dead with a new name, several years after its last breath, could you explain the readers what made you and the others in the admin team pick up the torch again and what your motivation is in reviving the old replayers name?

Hi, it's my pleasure!

The idea to recreate the website was in our heads for quite some time now and since the absence of a properly structured replay website for Reign Of Chaos and WarCraft in general it felt right to do it. My friend StaNN and I made some decent/mediocre websites in the past and we were currently working on a small project for our WarCraft clan when the idea grew in our heads of recreating replayers. Now we are both really excited and thrilled to work on this project!

Most of the motivation for recreating the site has to do with our interest in coding, designing and running servers, which has always been a sweet spot for us! Everyone supporting us and our site just makes it more exciting to keep working hours on hours every day not only to recreate replayers, but to also make it more secure and better than it was back in the day.

From that I can tell, was pretty outdated at one point, just like BNet. Could you give us a quick overview about the near-term and long-term goals for w3Replayers in terms of features and general projects such as tournaments, cups and so forth?

Well, as of now we are working on some new features and design upgrades for the site, while at the same time making sure the features and functions we already have today work as designed, also in a larger and broader scale. A new feature would be that we are working on more data and statistics from each replay to be displayed on demand. But other than that, I really don't want to say anything about the new features as it's early stages.
Bugs, issues and general suggestions for the site are also something we think about and have to prioritize on a daily basis, considering our small team. With all the love we have gotten recently from both the Reign Of Chaos and The Frozen Throne community, it hurts that we are still not any closer to having a The Frozen Throne section for the site, but that is the goal and it is definitely happening at some point. We have some ideas for an upcoming The Frozen Throne section too, with a slightly different design, but the main framework will be the same.

Thanks for your words on and all the best for the future!

You can also see a quick video introduction done by WTii in the video below:



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