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Content Creator Highlight #1: Spaceman Spiff

14.09.17 | RehcraM 875


In this new series, we will highlight prominent content creators in the Warcraft III scene. The articles will consist of an overview of the featured streamer/Youtuber and an interview in which will get to know a little more about the person behind the content.

In this pilot episode of the series,I am excited to feature Spaceman Spiff. Though he is very green at creating Youtube videos, he is already showing great potential!

Overview of Spaceman Spiff

On the 3rd of August 2017, Spaceman Spiff uploaded his first video to his Youtube channel. Since then he has uploaded 26 videos wherein he shares his love for Warcraft III with us. His content covers a broad educational spectrum. In his newest series - Laddering 101 - Spaceman dives down into the very basics of the game, thus aiming to teach new or returning players how the fundamentals work and thereby saving them a monumental amount of time trying to figure it out on the harsh ladder. In his main series - Spaceman Climbs - he goes through replays of him playing the game while giving a thorough assessment of his thought process throughout the game, from which even experienced players can learn a thing or two.


An 'out-of-the-box' player

Spaceman Spiff is immensely fond of playing non-meta strategies, which results in him rarely, if ever, playing the customary heroes/units. In his videos you can watch him play Shadow Hunter with Headhunters, Lich tower push, Tinker with mass footmen and a bunch of other entertaining and unorthodox play styles. Though his play style may sound borderline laughable, he does manags to keep his games on quite a high level, beating some of the top players. This gives his content a fantastic balance of entertainment and education value, which is quite unique and rarely seen.


Quick presentation

Hey! I am Spaceman, and I just started making Warcraft III content. I live in Toronto, where I work at a consulting firm, and I have been playing The Frozen Throne since the day it was released. In any free time that is not spent playing Blizzard games, I like to read and write, and I play quite a bit of soccer.

What encouraged you to suddenly start making content for an old game like Warcraft III?

I had been thinking about starting a Warcraft III channel for years, but I just never got around to it. I had some free time this summer, and there is definitely still interest in this game, so I wanted to get involved. I am holding out hope that Blizzard will announce Warcraft III Remastered!

Do you have any previous experience creating commentaries/videos?

None whatsoever. I am just making it up as I go!

What do you aim to communicate and achieve through your videos?

I think of my channel as, "casual play for the casual player". The main playlist offers my thoughts on the games I play as I climb the ladder. I play exclusively random, and rarely play the meta strategies. I guess my aim is to showcase that there is still room for experimentation and innovative play in Warcraft III.

Judging by the number of videos you have uploaded in such a short time-span, you must be very motivated. Have you found yourself comfortable in your new hobby?

I had some free time this summer, which definitely helped with creating that many videos. At first, I was re-recording most of my replays, and nervous about saying the right things, but now it feels more natural. With each video, I feel more and more comfortable - hopefully that trend continues!

Have you ever tried participating in any Warcraft III tournaments?

No, I have never participated in any tournaments. I was never a particularly strong player, and the opportunity just never seemed to present itself. Once, though, I was in a clan war. The Chieftain put me in the lineup and I was really excited. It was an Elf mirror on Gnoll Wood, and I went Alchemist first. I was severely outclassed, but I pulled off an incredibly lucky surround to win the game. It was glorious. I ended that season with a 100% win percentage (they never let me play again).

What are your thoughts on livestreaming Warcraft content? Is it something you might consider in the future or is it totally out of the question?

To be honest, I have recently been toying with the idea of livestreaming. I am not as strong a player as the average Warcraft streamer, but if there is any interest, I would definitely give it a shot!

Is there a story behind your name, Spaceman Spiff?

Spaceman Spiff is one of Calvin's alter-egos in "Calvin and Hobbes". I grew up on those comics and they will always be my go-to bathroom reader. For anyone unfamiliar, I could not recommend them highly enough. 



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