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This Week in Warcraft: August 30th-September 5th

05.09.17 | MR_Moonstruck, RehcraM 754


With GCS Winter qualifiers just around the corner and as we find the players qualifying for NSL season 4 playoffs, things are starting to be tense. There is a lot of excitting tournaments to follow, and if you missed out on something, do not worry, we have got you covered. In the article below you can catch up on the latest news in the Warcraft 3 competitive scene!



GCS Winter

48 into 6 Date: August 31st-September 3rd
Cast by: Hi2Chaco

GCS Asian qualifiers commenced with the "48 into 6" round from Thursday August 31st - September 3rd. The six players who qualified from this round will join ten others who qualified based on their performance in GCS Summer of this year to battle it out for four spots to GCS Winter. This will begin this Thursday and Friday with the "16 into 8" portion of the qualifier, which will be cast by by Hi2Chaco and B2W.

For more details on the tournament check out the Liquipedia page here.

NSL Group C and D Day #2

Group C Date: Wednesday August 30th
Cast by: B2W (Neo) featuring Yaws!
Group D Date: Thursday August 31st 
Cast by: B2W (Neo and Remo)
[Spoiler] Current brackets: Group C , Group D
VOD's: B2W's Youtube NSL Playlist

The Warcraft tournament with a $22,000 prize pool continued this week after a long GCS break with day #2 matches from group C and group D. On Wednesday TH000 battled FoCuS, with the winner going to the playoffs and the loser descending to the lower bracket to face the winner of Check vs Zhou Xixi, which was also played on Wednesday. On Thursday Fly battled Yumiko in the winner’s bracket finals and Lawliet and Who battled in the lower bracket to stay in the tournament.


FoCuS managed to raise his map win percentage against TH000 from it’s shockingly low 20%, but it was still not enough to defeat the human wizard, who took the series in five maps. Highlights from the series include map five’s Yumiko-style Bloodmage first strategy on Echo Isles that featured great micro from both players.
TH000 was the third player and the first Chinese to qualify for the NSL season 4 playoffs

Zhou Xixi looked to continue the magic he found at GCS after eliminating Rudan, WFZ, and Fly from the Warcraft World Championships. After losing the first map, Xixi pulled off a spectacular mass archer tier two AoW rush that is definitely worth checking out. This strategy was unable to find success on map three however, and after losing his AoW to creeps early in map four Xixi exited the tournament, being unable to hold off Check’s mass range push. Check will now face off against FoCus Thursday September 7th for a ticket to the playoffs.

Continuing his new, less aggressive playstyle, Fly100% manages to beat Yumiko 3-1.
Yumiko played, throughout the entire match, with unorthodox creep-routes which, primarily, turned out in his favor. He did, however, not manage to take advantage of the several windows of opportunity he created for himself in the early-game of the maps he lost. On Ancient Isles (which went as a victory to Yumiko), he caught Fly100% off-guard in the middle of creeping the bottom left mercenary. Yumiko weakened the orc army heavily and managed to maintain too much pressure for Fly100% to re-assemble his troops. In the end, the human win was not enough to put Fly100% off-course, as he on Twisted Meadows for the third time managed to calmly assemble his fighter-army and run the humans over with the power of the Horde.

WhO was not discouraged from playing with creative styles after his loss to Yumiko in the semifinals. In the first map of the losers round 1 against LawLiet, WhO played mass headhunters with kodos. LawLiet did not break a sweat over his opponents alternative strategy and won elegantly. In map two WhO once again tried to get an edge by playing off meta; this time with Far Seer and Wyverns. Again, LawLiet replied by dominating WhO, and repeating the results from map one. On the third map WhO still did not shy away from putting on a show. Next in line was mass Witch Doctors, another bold strategy.
Although LawLiet did not seem as dominant in the last map, he managed to take the win and thereby defeating WhO 3-0 in a rather one-sided, and yet incredible entertaining match, hence advancing to loser
s finals where he will face off against Yumiko on September 8..

World Cyber Arena (WCA)


Huge news regarding World Cyber Arena! WCA had been including Warcraft in its tournaments since 2014 but stopped just this year after being unable to obtain approval to showcase Blizzard games in the tournament. Hopefully this has changed and we will once again have a global Warcraft competition.

Hols Cup Week #8

Date: Tuesday September 5th
Cast by: B2W (Remo) and Hi2Chaco

Hols Cup week 8 featured quite a large prize pool for a one day cup with $780.36 set aside for the winner. As a result it attracted some impressive talent, including Infi, Lawliet, 120, Fly, and for the first time since he suffered his wrist fracture, Lyn.

His first cup since returning from injury and Lyn did not disappoint. Despite Infi’s awesome Firelord tower rush that won him map #3, Lyn managed to win the finals 3-2.

Ena Cup

Date: Every Saturday 16:00 CEST
Cast by: Ena1337
VOD's: Ena's Youtube Channel

Ena is partnering with ESL to bring weekly Ena Cups! Featuring Gera favourites such as Focus, Lucifer, Hawk, and Orcworker, ACS participants such as DanGer and HunteR, and familiar faces in the scene such as Over-Admire, Skutt, and Ena himself. Sign ups can be completed on the ESL website. The grid from Ena Cup #3, which was played last weekend can be found here, and VOD’s here.

Check out Ena’s announcement on Reddit for all the details regarding Ena Cup #3 and #4, or our Leader David’s nicely summarized article here.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to David's call for more editors! We have had several people come forward expressing interest to help out, so there will be many new articles by a variety of authors to look forward to in the future. Special thank you to RehcraM who will be co-authoring This Week in Warcraft from here on out, and without whom I could not have published this article on time.

If anyone else is interested in helping write for this website, please contact David by Email or Twitter. More information about writing for can be found on David's article here.



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