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NWC3L - Season 8 kicks off!

05.09.17 | Mrwhite 1003


As we are approaching the end of the year - we are very happy to introduce another season for NWC3L. This time the team league will be using the new introduced Ladder maps from Blizzard.


A new season starts up for the Global Team League named New Warcraft 3 League, and this season we will be having 4 groups as with a classic Champions League tournament. This means more intense clan wars and more competition. 

If you are not too familar with NWC3L, then I will be happy to shortly introduce it. The New Warcraft 3 League is one of the only team leagues around in the world and it is the core training ground for Western players. The team league includes some of the most gifted players and it is crucial to the development and shaping of great Western players.

The organizator is  Nick whom has built the league up. The team league is free for every clan and you can sign up for the season before the start of the upcoming season. One season often lasts 3-4 months and concludes with a playoffs, where the winner is determined.

While Gera Cup and other solo tournaments often being highlighted, I will say, that in my honest opinion nothing beats team leagues! Last weekend was the right kick-off of the well-organized NWC3L and in this team league, you will see both solo and team games from some of the best players around the Western scene. 

Here are some of the favourite clans participating and some of their notable players: 

Clan name Clan Tag Nationality Year of founding Team Leader Notable players
Soviet War Elites SWE Sweden 2017 Skutt Skutt, KnoFf, Thorzain, StarShaped, Effect
Pro-Gaming pG Belarus 2015 Okkul Cash, Imperius, Blade, Shocker
Firestalker Fs Germany 2003 YaGami Edoboi, Passionelf, Cornox, Edoboi, Jehu
Digital Extreme Dx Russia 2014 Nick/sheik Sheik, Nick, Biko, rvs, Koshcrey
uMaD Gaming uMaD European 2015 SonOfKali Xelsing, Bizarre, Sonik, Curiocity
Team ViKings ViKi Canada 2008 Overadmire Anima, Foals, KODOS_FORSAKEN, Ena, Syntoren, OrcWorker
OwNu Renter OwNu United States of America 2004 Yosh Bound, Ente, Touch, Orange, Jokern

There are many more notable players in the league and this is just the beginning of the season. 

The NWC3L is unique in the way, that newer maps are encouraged throughout the team league. Often this map is the first map being played on, and players must practice and plan their strategies for the opening map.

This season the newer Ladder Version maps that was introduced by Blizzard will be included. This means that maps will be included in the 2x2 games, so if you want to see how certain players will approach the maps, feel free to tune in! 

We will be following the NWC3L this season to give you highlights from the tournament. Here are the results from the first play-week: (FYI: Certain series might be postponed) 

Results of Week 1: 

The clan wars are usually streamed on many different channels, sometimes before Gera Cup and after Gera Cup. I hope you want to follow along, as we will cover the NWC3L on a somewhat regular basis. From the editorial team, we wish the best of luck to ALL participants. May the best clan win! 



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