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Interview with 120: I was not in my best shape

03.09.17 | UgriWC3 1884


Reddit user with a good ground name for a 120's fanbase (longliveundead) complained that I did not interview the new double GCS champion after his epic victory in Shanghai.

True enough I did not, as I failed to connect with him for the last 5 months I did not even try. And I was convinced someone in China would do it anyway.

But they did not... so I asked.

All right then!


Hello eeR0 and Congratulations for your Second title!


How did you feel after your victory? You were not really smiling on pictures.

I feel just ok, I just think that I was not playing well enough. I am still very happy with my victory.

Happy I've won

During Group A final vs Infi on TR, it was close spawn and you chose to play fiends/banshees. Why not a destroyer push?

Infi put lots of pressure on me in that game and I had only one obsidian statue when I reach Tier 3. As it turned out, it would have been better to get two slaughterhouses and delay the Lich.

You have a 80% winrate against NE. What are they doing wrong against you?

This matchup is all about micro and shape, I think I am just in a better shape than they are.

Why did you go Pitlord 3rd vs Life?

I thought that whatever hero I would choose, I couldn’t I closed my eyes and picked a random one.