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We are looking for Writers

31.08.17 | David 1121


News are a crucial element in keeping our community healthy. They raise awareness and get people excited for events and developments that are happening in the Warcraft 3 scene. There is no doubt about it - the Wc3 community is still very interested in content. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with demand.

I have published articles for other people in the past but the core Warcraft3.Info writing team comes down to Ugrilainen, d4rk and MR_Moonstruck. Ugrilainen would like to spend more time with his family in the future. This will further increase our need for writers.

That's why we are looking for writers to help us cover more topics and expand our team.

What we can do for you:

By writing for, you benefit from our reach and network. There's a constant stream of people visiting the website and we have figured out how to distribute our content. This means you can basically skip the line and get access to a big audience from day 1.

Furthermore, we can help you get in touch with important people for projects like interviews. There are even some possibilities to translate your content into other languages and publish it on additional websites such as

Your content will not get lost so easily compared to just posting it on Reddit. You get to be part of the Warcraft3.Info Team with access to our network and lots of exclusive behind the scenes information.

Of course you will get full credit for everything you do. Being a published author will raise your popularity within the community.

"But I've never written an article"

No problem - you don't need to be a genius writer. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. There are many simple things that could be covered such as tournaments or developments in your community. Short interviews are also not too difficult.

You will not be expected to publish articles all the time. This is a hobby for all of us. The most important thing is to have fun.

Maybe you aren't so sure about your English or formatting skills. Firstly, the articles don't have to be perfect. We are not doing this for a living. Secondly, if you need someone to edit your work, that's also no problem.

"But I am not good at designing things"

No problem - we can help to bring your content to the next level.

Did you know? Almost all of the cover pictures for articles released on Warcraft3.Info were made by myself. If you join the team, I can help you with getting nice cover art for your articles.

Join us!

If you are interested and think that you have some interesting material, I invite you to contact me (Email or Twitter). If your content is good, we can easily edit your article and publish it in your name. We have done this before for people who have hooked us up with content. If you want to publish more often on the website, we could hook you up with access to the writer section of the website later on where you could publish everything on your own. It would be nice to have someone who could join our team as a full member but if you only want to publish something once that is appreciated as well.



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