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Fantasy Warcraft League: Taidu Esports Masters

10.05.17 | David 517


Taidu Esports Masters is a series of gaming events, sponsored by Sky's company Taidu. There are many great names in the grid such as Fly, TH000 and 120. The league begins this Friday and will be covered by Back2Warcraft.

After having great success with AWL, Turbosau continues his Fantasy League for this event which will last four gameweeks. The concept is simple: Choose your best group of players and you get points according to how well they do. During the event, I will include a leaderboard with the best fantasy players on the side bar of So if you want to appear on my frontpage, this is your chance! You can find all of the information about the league and about how to sign up here. Since the event starts on Friday, you should sign up quickly!

Prizes: First place will win a Back2Warcraft Shirt & Mug and there will be some prizes sponsored by Taidu as well!

I will definitely participate myself and see if I can get an edge using my Farsight Calculator!



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