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Gold Championship Series – Final day recap

24.08.17 | Mrwhite 963


No orcs in the final four, but 2 Humans, an Undead, and a Night elf. Who would go all the way and win the first GCS 2017 tournament? We got you covered!

In case you did not read the previous recap – Moonstruck got you covered here.

Final day – Day 3 Playoffs:

Only 4 players were left during the last day, and after the favorites disappointed heavily, we were down to:  Romantic,  Foggy,  120 and  Infi.

The final day started up with 120 versus Infi in the Winner bracket finals, where the winning player would go directly into the grand finals. In the lower bracket, Romantic and Foggy would duke it out and the winner meeting the loser of the winner bracket finals.

When the maps got revealed, most Undeads would feel comfortable going into the game. Amazonia was first, then Twisted Meadows and finally Turtle Rock would be the finale map.

120 and Infi took their respective maps and Turtle Rock awaited for the human race. Turtle Rock is a nightmare map for Human and Infi had to pull up a fire extinguisher before the match.

Infi vs. 120 on Turtle Rock

The spawn positions ended up having an incredible importance.  120 took the standard route for Undead, and kept the Human on his toes. The map did not help  Infi find any camps to secure any experience for his heroes, so he decided to punish the Undead going only one nerubian tower.

The peasants were called to arms and with a handful of footmen and water elementals,  Infi absolutely ravaged the economy of 120 and the undead gameplan was thrown out of the window. The timed attack, that caused substantial damage delayed unit production and building production and this had  120 completely cornered.

 Infi lost all his lumber peasants to a mistimed teleport, but his job was done. He held his one-base play with triple hero, knights and gyrocopters that steamrolled the undead without any chances. The micro of 120 was not enough and Infi surprisely went all the way to the grand finals.

In the losers-bracket  Foggy and  Romantic were playing to face the Undead 120, and this game would be the true test for both. The players did surprise most spectators and the game went into 3 lovely games. The maps went from Last Refuge (Foggy victory) into Twisted Meadows (Romantic victory) and finally on to Terenas Stand.

Foggy vs. Romantic on Terenas Stand

 Foggy went for the Warden while  Romantic chose his trusted Arch Mage. The game started with some nerves and both Foggy and Romantic made a couple of mistakes in the early stages of the game. Romantic managed to secure an expansion at the top right corner and Foggy did not manage to disrupt it.

For a long time,  Foggy did not manage to find the necessary levels on his Warden and this worried the casters. Warden is often a great pick for Terenas Stand, and her levels are crucial in securing a win on the map. The night elf wanted to counter expand in the opposite corner and this would be end up becoming one of the most micro-intensive games for  Foggy.

He had to secure this expansion to stand a chance, and the battle would later become the most important one in the match.  Foggy pulled out the Tinker and this was done before. The Tinker would end up being a great addition to the defence on the expansion. Back in Romantic’s base, gryphon aviaries werepumping out Dragonhawk Riders, while he also went all-in with the Naga Seawitch.  Foggy fought with the skin of his teeth and in true Rocky Balboa style, he boxed  Romantic back.

The great right hook from  Foggy really held  Romantic out and he had to lick his wounds for the last attack. The attack upgrades and a critical mass of Hawks would be Romantic last chance to knock-off Foggy. But Foggy Balboa’s army placed Romantic into a corner and the Warden, Tinker and mass dryads were not impressed with the Hawks.

Level 6 Tinker smashed with his giant axe onto the Human army and the Warden would deliver another victory for  Foggy. Foggy KO’ed Romantic and was ready to meet  120.

 120 would be next in the boxing ring. Foggy got thrown back into the ring and had to stand against a very strong opponent.

Echo Isles was the first map, and again did some nerves shake into Foggy. He denied a very important Renegade Wizard on the Merch camp and had a lot of trouble finding the level 3 Panda that benefits from that extra level in Breathe of Fire.

Sadly  120 did not show any mercy and took game 1 with relatively ease. Foggy was although not easily scared. In his previous series, he had a good record when he was behind 0-1. The last map would be Amazonia, a great map for Night Elves.

120 vs. Foggy on Amazonia

The battle for a place in the grand finals started and 120 spawned bottom position and Foggy top.  120 went for a ghoul opening and crept a quick level 2 Death Knight. Foggy went on the aggressive side and started harassing the Undead with a level 1 Demon Hunter after creeping his laboratory.

After a small skirmish,  120 caught a surround on the Demon Hunter and he had to pull the town portal. This was unfortunate, since  Foggy did invest into Boots of Speed and this hurt him immensely. Foggy went with the Panda again and the same theme from the last game occurred into the second game.

Panda managed to gain level 2, but  120 kept Foggy busy on the map by threating creep steals with Death Coil. The chase for the Death Knight kept the Demon Hunter close to the Panda and consequently sharing experience. The undead showed great awareness and crept Death Knight to 3 with ghouls.

 Foggy saw an opening, when  120 went for a greedy expansion creep and this looked like a good fight for the elves. The creep did although ensnare two elves units and when Foggy retreated it was not without loses.

 Foggy tried to expand, but after 120 had a larger army – Foggy could not defeat the Undead 120. Foggy ended 3rd again – still the best Night Elf in the world.

Human vs. Undead grand finals – the infinite tower versus the undead micro king.

To our biggest surprises –  Infi’s 2017 has been looking bad. Very bad. Group stage eliminations, missed qualifiers, and more ragequitting might be the themes of the season.

Before the tournament – nobody would be expecting to see him in the finals of the biggest tournament, some might have been worried (definitely me) about him dropping out of the group stage. But apparently, he was back and ready to take on the Undead beast.

The series was intense and very fun to see. So if you have not seen it, please do yourself a favor and do so. (It is on the Back2Warcraft Youtube/Twitch page)

Before the last map – the score was 2-2 and  Infi had miraculously turned the series after being down 0-2. On Twisted Meadows he humiliated  120 and tried to demoralize the Undead by producing tanks and constructing additional towers. With the momentum going into Amazonia –  Infi looked like, he was ready to grab the trophy.

Infi vs. 120 on Amazonia