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Interview with Foggy before GCS

16.08.17 | Izzard 1488


As we are approaching 2017 GCS Summer Main Event, which is to take place I Shanghai on August 16-22, we’ve managed to chat up with the main hope of the foreign scene – Andrei “Foggy” Koren. We spoke about the competition, the player’s preparation and current form.

Original post published on, August, 5th.

Izzard: Hi. How are you before GCS? How would you evaluate your current form?

Foggy: Hi. I’m cool, since I participated in 2016 Season 2 and 2017 Season 3 – first I placed 8th, then got to the 3rd place. So now I’m not nervous at all and going to best my previous results. My current form is somehow not very stable, and I actually planned to go to China 3 weeks prior the tournament, asked some of my friends to host me there. But something changed in the organization and so the earliest I could get the tickets was one week prior, so I’m really concerned about my form. It’s definitely not 100% and I hope that I can reach my optimal form just before the tournament starts.

Izzard: How are you match-ups? Where are you at the best level, and what’s your worst match-up currently?

Foggy: I’m very worried about my NE vs NE, it’s the most difficult match-up for me. Concerning playing against all other races it’s OK.

Foggy Balboa training session

Izzard: How were you preparing for the tournament so far? How much did you play, how often? What players helped you?

Foggy: I was mostly playing NetEase Ladder – 20 games a day, plus took part in Gera Cups every week. Concerning custom games, I practiced with Happy, OrcWorker, and also Shadai, DeathNote, Xelsing and Mudrost helped me a little bit. I tried to find somebody from CIS to hone certain elements of the game and play with normal ping. I also watched games of other strong players, such as Moon. If I’m to compare my current form and my last season performance then I can say that I play a lot better now. I have better understanding of the game, and I also use a notebook where I write a plan for every game and some key points for each map against each race.

Izzard: What motivates you most of all? Is it the strive to be the best, or maybe the community’s support? Or maybe something else?

Foggy: I’m motivated by my viewers, who support me and my stream – I’m very thankful for their support. Without streams I would not have motivation to practice and to play. 

Also I think that every game should have a big tournament with a big prize pool, and in the previous years WCA was that tournament for me. Unfortunately, there’s no WCA anymore, so this spot was taken by GCS. In the beginning of 2017 I said that this tournament will be my goal – and it also keeps me practicing.

Izzard: Are there any players in GCS that you particularly would like to play against? And players you’d like to avoid?

Foggy: I’m ready to play against everyone and I understand that I have to be able to win anyone to achieve the best result. I can say that throughout last year I won matches against all the players who will be at GCS, so I’m not scared of any of my opponents.

Foggy with OrcWorker and HawK in Shanghai before GCS begins 

Izzard: Who has the best chance to win the tournament?

Foggy: I’m trying not to think about this. There will be a lot of good players, so we’ll see.

Izzard: What do you think about the state of the foreign scene at the moment?

Foggy: I’d say nothing. One of the foreign players participating in the tournament is Rudan who is there because Happy declined his slot. Sad to say, there’s no foreign scene anymore.

Izzard: Alright, I won’t be asking anything about the new map-pool and balance… Wait, no, I’ll actually ask. What do you think about the balance? Do heroes and units need any changes at all?

Foggy: I think that changing maps and item drops was a good move by Blizzard, but since at GCS we will be playing on old maps I don’t really have the time to think about it.

Izzard: Is there a chance for to become the main platform for players? The ping has been fixed, and provided the hacker problem is solved – there must be a chance?

Foggy: We have W3Arena with an excellent ping, but the situation is that almost all professional players are Asians, and they practice on NetEase. So WarCraft 3 on will, most probably, remain amateur.

Izzard: Your final words!

Foggy: Wish me good luck! I’d also like to thank my coach Pooh, and such great people as Hundredkg, Ugrilainen, Keke and Back2WarCraft for everything they do for WarCraft 3 community. And of course thanks to!

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