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Gold Championship Summer Series 2017

15.08.17 | Mrwhite 1211


The biggest modern Warcraft 3 tournament starts tomorrow. In which group did the Western Warcraft 3 players end up? The best of the best are playing, and a whole week of high class competition is on the way. 

Gold Championship Summer Series 2017

Wednesday will be the day the Gold Championship Series kicks off. It's the major tournament for Warcraft 3. For everyone new to esports in Warcraft 3: This tournament is hosted and organized by Netease, the major internet company in China. Two years ago, Netease created a new platform for the Asian Warcraft 3 players, that wanted to play on a competitive Warcraft 3 ladder that was monetized.

This will be the third time we send Western players to the tournament. Last time,  Foggy almost went all the way to the finals. A well-deserved third place during the 2016 Fall tournament and his impressive performance has helped European Warcraft 3 become a force to be reckoned with.


Main Event:

Group A:

August 16: 10-16:00 CEST

Group B:

August 17: 10-16:00 CEST

Group C:

August 18: 10-16:00 CEST

Group D:

August 19: 10-16:00 CEST


August 20 to August 22





Group Stage:

  • 16 players are divided into four groups of four players each
  • GSL-style double elimination group stage
  • Top two qualify for the playoffs
  • Everything will be played as best-of-three


  • 8 players will play a double elimination system
  • Earlier rounds are best-of-three
  • Grand final is a best-of-five

More information:


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