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Interview with Lucifer | LNMS

12.08.17 | UgriWC3 1978


I wanted to visit Korea for a long time so I just went there before GCS started. I expected to meet many future GCS participants but sadly, only 3 made it: Moon, Remind and Focus.

However after Lucifer had beaten 120 in NSL Group B final and qualified for the round of 8, I invited him for some beers. And for the first time in my Warcraft career, someone who wasn't a German Warcraft commentator was happy to have some.

We met at 5 pm in a Seoul cafe and Lucifer actually looked in a really good shape. He was of course happy about his recent performance but he also revealed that he was working out now and taking good care of himself.

"When do we do the interview?"

This is a funny quote since Lucifer asked me this at the very end of our meeting. We had been discussing a lot of topics so my plan was to make a short resume of our discussion, with his approval of course. He just did not realize it until we were about to leave :).

We started with discussing NSL and his comfort into playing UD mirrors. The fun anecdote is that the last time I met him was for GCS Spring 2016 and he just had lost 2-0 to 120 then to Foggy, admitting NE/UD were his worst match up. Now we meet again after a shocking victory 3-1 against the same 120.

100% win ratio

What did Lucifer change to win a BO5 against a player that had a 100% win ratio against him?

Lucifer: "I don't know..."

Lucifer vs 120 in NSL (Game 3 starts at 53:30)

We then watched Game 3 together and he commented all of his decisions. Game started very badly with a DK loss early on. Still, Lucifer recovered from what would be a "GG" for any other player against 120 in this situation (remember Infi's early GGs anyone?).

What struck me was Lucifer applying so much pressure on 120 all game. And finally he pushed him to make a mistake, the DK tping without the rest of his army, losing two fiends in the process. The game was still close but 120's will to expand against Lucifer's aggression doomed the Chinese. 120 lost his DR to focus fire, then unsummoned his Necropolis to go all-in only to get his expo destroyed and be down with no acolytes.

Lucifer: "Yeah, I really don't like the DR, so i kill her first..."

Who is strongest in UD mirror, 120 or Happy?

Lucifer: "Happy is the strongest, I cannot beat him in Gera Cup most of the times! He always adapts and is unpredictable while 120 is more straightforward."

WC3 drinking buddies in Seoul

That's when my friend Icarus joined us. He is my partner for writing articles about Korea. We went for a long search for a good pub, and finally found one...

Now, after a couple of beers, it's really difficult to recall what was discussed, let me try: 

Lucifer is not in the Bible

I did not know that about half of the Korean population was Christian. And so is Lucifer that explained to me he could not meet with me on Sunday because he had to go to Church.

The funniest anecdote was when he explained that his pastor kindly asked him to change his nickname because Lucifer is not too Christian friendly...

"Lucifer is not in the Bible!"

Well Lucifer is a fallen angel isn't he?

Training Remind and Moon

Who did you call first after beating 120?

Lucifer: "I called Remind, he is my best friend in the Warcraft community"

It seemed obvious as they play 2v2 together (Lumind team). Lucifer explained that he trained Remind to play and win against WFZ in NSL. Remind told him to play like WFZ, not like Happy.

What is the difference between Happy and WFZ in UD v NE?

Lucifer: "Happy does not care about the NE, he just creeps then attacks. WFZ harasses the NE all game long."

Lucifer explained that he also trained Moon to beat 120 (4-2 in AWL 2017 final).

Remind and Moon are also beer drinkers as it seems. I hope to check that out next week!

We went on the drink some beers. Icarus and I had some North Korean beers, I had to test that once in my life right? Lucifer stayed conventional with South Korean draft ones.

Icarus and Lucifer talked about their time in the army. Military training lasts 2 years and after you are out, you need to do 5 days of training every year for 6 years. Youngsters do not realize that (except of people from Israel maybe).

Lucifer also mentioned his brother, a former Warcraft 3 player who became a professional boxer.

What does "LNMS" mean?

Lucifer uses the letters LNMS in his Netease account and on Twitter. Icarus suggested that I asked him what it meant:

Okay so, what does it mean?

Lucifer: "It's a secret, I will never tell anyone :D"

I did not care before but now that I know it's a secret, I really wanted to know. It seems that we got "L" and "M" right, but we cannot find wtf "N" and "S" means.

After some more beers, we sealed a deal: If Lucifer makes top 4 in NSL and flies to China, he will tell me if I meet him there... But I won't be allowed to tell you.

Sorry folks, make your best guess!

We had to go because Lucifer wanted to play PG Cup. We wish him good luck and do not forget to give him some support next time you watch him!



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