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Preview of the new patch: Qiaolin and Neo share their opinions

30.07.17 | UgriWC3 1656


It was in 2011 that Blizzard released his last Warcraft patch that just slightly touched the mechanics of the game. It was just about fixing Hex bugs when using it against chemical rage and metamorphosis...

After 2 more recent patches which only objectives were to bring Warcraft 3 into the modern age of video games, we finally saw on Friday at Chinajoy a major update through the revamping of the item drop system, as well with an update on the maps.

You can know more about Blizzard's strategy by reading this interview.

Terenas_LV was the first map to be revealed to the public on Friday at Chinajoy with a game played between  Fly and  120.

Qiaolin was the official commentator on site and of course Neo woke up early to cast it live through a restream. Both of them agreed to share their feelings about those changes.

Hello Qiaolin and thank you for answering those few questions!

You were casting Fly v 120 at Chinajoy Friday. How did it feel to see such a huge crowd excited for a Warcraft 3 event?

We arrived at the venue at around 11:00 a.m. and we saw the Warcraft fans occupy the front rows after the end of the previous event.

There was a lot of comments on the streaming channel's chatroom. It was Friday after all and many fans had to work. It was not easy for them to arrive on the venue. I would like to thank them for their attendance to witness the map changes. 

What are your feelings about the item drop new system? How will it affect the balance of the game?

To tell the truth, after we were notified of this event, it was not until we arrived at the scene of ChinaJoy that Blizzard let us see these maps. We spent about 40 minutes on TS and felt that the creeps' drops were just too many.

And after creeping several camps, you would realize that your heroes cannot carry anymore items. We all agreed that Human race will have a hard time on this map as expanding is difficult, and there are too many assassins.

The Human race will also find Tower Rushing difficult because the initial base location has changed.

But this map is not the final version. The working staffs on the scene kept collecting our opinions. If there is one thing imbalanced that must be pointed out, it may be the creeps respectively at the top right corner and bottom left corner. They now drop lightning shield instead of level 1 tome. Creeping on this site is easy, but we know that the lightning shield is not friendly to some races at the early stage of a game.

Qiaolin, 120, FLy100%

Did you discuss with Fly and 120? What did they think themselves?

They did not practice on the new map beforehand. Therefore, Fly felt that it was quite hard to harass his opponent's creeping, and he missed the time for creeping himself. 120’s item drop was very good (mana stone). Thus, DK always had enough Deal Coil to protect its troops. As it was a showmatch on a new map without any practice, players just had fun.

How did you like the new Terenas_LV map? Did you have time to see all the new maps?

The three of us were chatting on problems we noticed on this map. I personally believe that the team working on map updates may be really fans of the poisonous assassins. It is quite the same problem as the previous new map “Dalaran” much reputed because of them.

The LV of TS should be readjusted. We hope the next version will be satisfactory to more players. I do not have any detailed comments on other aspects.   

When will they all be released?

On 4 August, we may operate a PTR server to test them in real games.

Chinajoy, NSL... you have a busy schedule with Snowkiss now! What is the key to your success? Will you be the official caster of GCS as well?

All tournaments want to attract a bigger audience in China during summer vacation. Thus, it seems that we are busy during that time of the year. My schedule was light in the first half of 2017.

XueYan (Snowkiss) and I are old friends. Therefore, we are quite natural in cooperation. And we understand each other’s memes and can naturally follow each other immediately.

At the moment, our commentator arrangement is not confirmed with GCS. Of course, I also hope to cast GCS again with the audience. 

Thank you Qiaolin!

Now let's go at the other side of the globe and see what Neo has  to say about it!

Hey Neo, could you answer a few questions for my next article?

Sure I'll answer asap! 

You were casting Fly v 120 at Chinajoy Friday. How did it feel to see such a huge crowd excited for a Warcraft 3 event?

I felt pure joy and I think you saw it on stream as well (laughs).

It reminded me of WCG finals or the amazing WCA Europe event at gamescom 2015. While I was in China, the crowds were non existent or pretty disappointing, so it's a relief to see that the game is still rocking it over there.


What are your feelings about the item drop new system? How will it affect the balance of the game? 

I think we cannot give a prediction for that because we don't know the creep spots and item drops for every other map but TS_LV. But I guess there is a trend towards more consumables (potions etc) than permanent items (claws etc) and stronger items will be available earlier.

I think it's dangerous for spots where you find a Book of the Dead, or Boots/Claws+9/Pendant of Energy because those items are way too powerful if you find them too early and can decide games upon drop. I'm pretty sure Blizzard is aware of that and might do some changes to prevent it.

  The new item table as published by Laofen 

Did dome players share their opinion to you?

No, but i read all the comments and one infuriated me: "I hate this new meta, it's all about creeping" - well duhh this was a showmatch to present the new maps, creepcamps and itemdrops. What did you expect, a T1 towerrush?

How did you like the new Terenas_LV map? Did you have time to see all the new maps? 

That'd require a very long answer and I'll definitely do a video about it next week. Until then, i recommend PukeLukeTheDuke's post on Reddit

I think there are a few major changes:

1. The bases are further away from each other and point to a new direction now. You will always creep towards your opponent and not in the same direction as him, which is always good because it's more dynamic and forces fights between the players.

2. Corner expansions are way harder for Human now, forcing them to use the natural expansion. 3x poison damage from Assassins vs. Footman and Militia, hf! :D Blademasters will snipe the item here, which is what they did before too. but now they'll get Boots, Ring of Regen or Claws +9.... I think that's too good.

3. Merc camp is easier to access, which will reduce the Human nerf a bit. Laboratory is way harder and further away now, let's hope that the sapper abuse is a thing of the past now.

4. The middle: I always love when there's one spot on the map that both players really want to have (Shop Control anybody?!). On TS, it's absolutely key now to get at least one of the Dark Wizards for the big consumable. So there's two possibilities :

a) it's cool because it forces fights

b) we'll see one race dominating those spots and win games via 2x Mana Potion.... in general I think it's good, but might be abused

I didn't see the other maps yet, but I know which maps they'll remove from the ladder pool and that worries me a bit.

  The New Terenas as we saw it

I think you can officially announce that you are going to China for GCS now?*

Oh now we spoiler the surprise for Sunday's cast :D Jeah we're invited by NetEase to be the English Commentary Team for GCS Summer in Shanghai.

We will depart on August 13, arrive on August 14 and meet with the production crew on August 15 to make sure that everything is working fine before the tournament starts on August 16.

It's gonna be six days of awesome Warcraft action and I hope that you'll all tune in and cheer for our soldiers Foggy, Hawk, OrcWorker and Rudan!

I want to say thank you to the Chinese organizer lady Keke, who is doing incredible voluntary work and helped us a lot that Remo and I will have to pleasure to enjoy China once again.

To be honest after WCA's end, I did not think that I would cast an offline tournament again but the unexpected happens more often than one might think.

Thank you Neo!

*Note : Question was asked before the announcement but publication happened after... these things happen!



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