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Setting the Stage for ACS

26.07.17 | MR_Moonstruck 976


The Americas were feeling left out with no access to any world championships this year (as WCA is not running and GCS had no international Qualifier this year), so the community responded by organizing our own tournament in magnificent fashion. The hype is real for this tournament as lots of content is being created for it already, so here is a summary that will attempt to gather all ACS related news thus far into one place.

Official Trailer

What better way to introduce a tournament than an awesome hype trailer created by DPortGaming? ‘Nuff said!

Tournament Information

All the essential information regarding the tournament itself can be found on our trusted Liquipedia page, including participants, format, and casters.

Crowdfunding Via Matcherino

This tournament is being entirely crowd-funded, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thankfully we are able to hit the minimum $800 bench mark to run the tournament, thanks to huge donations from Thendis and Alex Sousa, but we are still short of the $1200 goal. Awesome prizes are available for donators, including replay packs of all the games, official t-shirts, and even the opportunity to livecast the group stage BO3 of your choice with DPort himself. Be sure to drop by and get yourself some goodies!


$20 - Official ACS t-shirt (15 of each colour scheme)
*Available to ship to the US only*

$30 - Replay Pack of all games (40 replay packs available)

$125 - Livecast with DPortGaming (only available for 1 donator - first come, first serve!)

$250 - Draft the Players (pick one seeded player to start each of the four groups - 1 available)

$350 - Have your name appear on the official ACS banner (3 available)

ACS Player Favourites Recent Game Casts 

WackedStrats and DPort gaming are teaming up to bring you recent matches of our ACS participants. If you are unfamiliar with the players competing in ACS this is a great way to get to know their play styles a little better in preparation for the main event. Check it out on Twitch stream at DPortGaming or WackedStrats’ channel.


Qualifier Information

Four qualifiers will be held to admit one additional player to the main tournament. Each qualifier will be region specific, and will occur on the dates as follows:

AUS/NZ: August 12th
Brasil: August 19th
LATAM: August 26th
NA: September 2nd

To participate in the qualifier, contact the correct administrator for your region via Discord:

AUS/NZ: Ugrilainen#3478
Brasil/LATAM: MartialSpirit#3034
NA: Over-Admire.#7642 (yes, that period at the end of his name is needed).



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