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This Week In Warcraft: July 17th-25th

26.07.17 | MR_Moonstruck 919


Wow, what a week for Warcraft! Lots of news and lots of games happened this week, so if you weren't able to follow as closely as you would have liked, take a read and get caught up on all the action!

Patch 1.29 Showmatch

Date: July 28th, 6:00am CEST
Caster: Back2Warcraft

That’s right, you read correctly folks, Blizzard is on its way to releasing Patch 1.29! Wanting to balance the game without making game-breaking changes, this patch focuses on balancing maps to make more equal and more diverse playing for our beloved game. Changes include making sure all starting positions have equal access to resources (eg, same distance to lumber and same number of trees) and item drops from creeps. The patch will also showcase some heavy map-specific changes to Terenas Stand, Plunder Isles, and Floodplains 1v1 Version, which will be tested by Fly100% and 120 in a showmatch at Chinajoy on July 28th. The original announcement in Chinese can be found on or on NetEase.

GCS News

Big news released regarding GCS: Happy is not going to Shanghai to compete in the offline playoffs, citing “uncertain conditions/lack of detailed information” according to a Back 2 Warcraft source. He will be replaced by the Serbian Prince Rudan. More details can be found in this article by Mr. White.

GCS Asian Qualifier #4

GCS Prequalifiers for the fourth Asian qualifier were played this past weekend (July 22nd-23rd). 

Yange, Sini, Chaemiko, and Xun were not able to make it through the round of 64 and therefore did not qualify for the offline playoffs.

This final GCS qualifier will be played from July 27th-July 30th and will be cast by Back2Warcraft. For more details about the fourth Asian GCS qualifier, check out the Liquipedia page.


NSL is not being played this week, most likely due to conflict with the final GCS Asian qualifier.


Being Canadian I am so hyped for ACS that I published all the information in its own article! I hope you enjoy it.

Foggy VS. Happy Showmatches

First showmatch date: July 16th

Second showmatch date: July 22nd
Cast by: Hi2Chaco

Happy and Foggy played two showmatches this week, sponsored by a fan of both player’s stream. The first match was a BO3 for $50, while the second was a BO9 for the same amount.


Happy once again showcased his dominance over Foggy, taking the first showmatch 3-1 and the second 5-1.

Although the first showmatch does not appear to have been cast in English, it can be found on Happy’s stream, around one hour twenty-eight minutes into his stream from that day.


Date: Tuesday July 25th
Caster:   Hi2Chaco

This weekly Tuesday cup was taken by Chaemiko. Focus, who has been on fire recently, lost in the first round to Check. It was a best-of-one series however, so this match alone does not say much about FoCuS’ current shape.

The grid (with results) for this weeks HOLS cup can be found at

Space Article

Is it weird to advertise a article in a article? In this case I think it is worth it, because Ugrilainen has published a very impactful article about Warcraft III legend Space. Seung-Hyun ‘Space’ Park is one of the most inspirational players I know, so I think the article is definitely worth a read. Just a warning, I did tear up when I read about Space for the first time.



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