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This Week in Warcraft: July 10th-16th

17.07.17 | MR_Moonstruck 1399


Welcome one and all to the first edition of This Week in Warcraft! These articles (which may or may not be weekly, depending on how well they are received) are intended to highlight the past week of the 1v1 Warcraft scene, with a focus on Western Warcraft and major tournaments.

So whether you were exploring the Amazon rainforest with no wifi all week, your boss wouldn’t let you change your shift with a friend so you could catch all the games, or your spouse demanded to spend some time with you this Sunday so you couldn’t catch Gera Cup and Grubby stream, here are the highlights of this past week in Warcraft. 

Tournament results are hidden under the "Spoiler!" tabs for viewers who are planning on watching the VOD's in the future, and can be read by simply clicking on them.

Neo Star League (NSL)

Group A opening round: Wednesday July 12th
Group B opening round: Thursday July 13th

The big news this week was the kick off of Neo Star League, the tournament with a bigger prize pool than our world championships this year. $22 000 will be split among the top 8 players, with the winner bringing home $8818, beating the prize pool of GCS by nearly $6000. With this in mind it is no surprise that the tournament is featuring nearly all of the world’s top talents, including TH000, Infi, Moon, 120, WFZ, Fly100%, and Focus. Only Happy and Lyn are missing from the top ten players in the world according to the latest elo rankings, the former as he only attends tournaments if asked by his subscribers, and the latter due to a fractured wrist (Lyn’s Weibo post announcing his fractured wrist to his fans can be found here).


The first matches for Group A and B were played this week, cast by Neo from Back to Warcraft. The matches were as exciting as they were promised them to be, with three of the four series playing all five games of the best of five. First Moon and WFZ battled hard for a win, each player showing very strong form. Ultimately Moon’s strategies and multitasking were able to win him the series. The second match of the day on Wednesday saw Life beating possibly the best Night Elf mirror player Remind in five maps. Life will go on to play Moon in the winner’s finals on July 26th, the same day that WFZ and Remind will battle to remain in the tournament.

On Thursday the opening matches of Group B were played. Lucifer managed to pull off an upset, beating Colorful in five maps, while 120 crushed Infi in 4, winning the first two maps in less than four minutes each. The next set of matches for Group B will be played on Thursday July 27th.

To catch up on any games you may have missed, VOD’s are available on Back2Warcraft’s Twitch under "videos," or on the B2W Youtube page.

For more information on NSL, check out their official page, or check out the tournament page on Liquipedia.

Jumedia Prematch

Played: Friday July 14th

Jumedia Prematch featured Check, Xun, Chaemiko, and Kiaokk battle it out for $132. This tournament was cast by Lawliet and Frenzy, as well as in English by Hi2Chaco. The format of the tournament was single elimination BO3 for the first round and a BO5 for the final.

Chaemiko and Check were able to win their opening matches against Xun and Xiaokk respectively to face off in the finals, where Chaemiko took a decisive 3-0 victory.

BALTPLAY Invitational #2

Played: Friday July 14th 

BALTPLAY Invitational #2 was a minor tournament pitting Korea against Europe, featuring Foggy, FoCuS, Orc Worker, and Sok. This tournament was cast in English by Hi2Chaco and Thendis

Korea dominated this tournament, with FoCuS winning in the finals against Sok. FoCus continues to display his strength, not dropping a map in this tournament. BALTPLAY Invitation #2 will join Hols Cup week #1, Gera Cup #114, and the Taidu Esports Masters Qualifier #3 on the list of tournaments that FoCuS has won in the past three weeks. 

For VOD’s check out either Hi2Chaco or Thendis’ Twitch account under “videos,” or Thendis’ Youtube playlist

Gera Cup #116

This week’s Gera Cup was moved to Saturday July 15th instead of being played on a Sunday as it usually is.

As usual, the finals of this week’s Gera Cup was between FoCuS and Happy, with the latter taking the BO5 series in four maps.

VOD’s for Gera Cup #116 can be found on Thendis’ Twitch account under "videos."


This week on Scouted! Neo has a chat with Kam from Hive Workshop, who is currently under a non-disclosure agreement with Blizzard. Be sure to check out what they have to say! The podcast can be watched on Youtube or listened to on Soundcloud (audio only).



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