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Interview with Colorful: Grade A player

08.07.17 | UgriWC3 775


We had one dinner in Shanghai with Colorful, eating hot-pot with Neo, Remo and GCS admins. They made fun of him ~ about his lack of education or something..., I did not really get it then. Now I do, and so will you!

Colorful has progressed a lot these last weeks and far from being a "Grade 6 student", he has now become a "Grade A player"!

Hey Colorful, thank you for the interview!

 Quick presentation 

Hello,Guys! This is Colorful, I am 23 years old,I just graduated from university. Now I am playing Warcraft 3 and I am also looking for a job.

I am based in Nanjing city, I live from tournament bonuses and from my streaming.

When I do not play WC3, I spend time with my girlfriend. I even played a little Playerunknown's Battlegrounds recently.

You chose the Nickname "Cnelfhope" : does it mean Xixi was hopeless? 

The reason i choose Cnelfhope is because I once saw a player named "Cndotahope", I thought it was funny... so i used it!

Is now Life the best hope for China, or is that you?

Of course it's Life, future belongs to the young generation!

Always so many NE in tournaments, few Orcs and Undead : in the end NE never win... 

I think it's because there are too much NE players now and it is easy for the other race to practice with NE players.But on the contrary for the NE players it is very hard to find other races to train with.That is the reason why the other players are stronger to play against NE and very hard to find a perfect NE player who is strong against all races.

Recently you are obtaining very good result, qualified for GCS twice in a row. What do you need to be a real heavyweight on the scene?

I need to train more with top players.I play in the day time and the top players are often online at night so I haven’t have the occasion train with top players for a while.

You played Insuperable and won easily : to which Chinese player can you compare his skill to? 

I think he may be rank 200th on the Netease ladder. He has many new ideas but need to improve his micro.

The hierarchy of NE in the World is not clear : can you name the top 3 nowadays, in which order?

 Of course I am not in the top 3 nowadays. I think Moon is the best NE player and other players are very close (about the same level). For the specific ranking, 1. Moon  2. None  3. None ….10.other Ne players  

Everyone tells me about a running joke calling you a "grade 6" student. Where does it come from? 

It is not serious. It is a complete a joke from RN.Laofen. However, I don’t care about that. Everyone can keep calling me “Grade 6 student” if they like.

Note from the author: he is called "Grade 6" because he would have completed his studies in 6 years instead of 4 (where you are Grade 1 to Grade 4 student). He actually graduated in 5 as the legend says.

Anything you want to add or tell your fans?

Thanks Ugri for the interview. I hope more and more viewers support me and my stream at I will stream on my spare time. 

A word from Ugri 

I think he might be in the top 3, but is too humble to recognize it. He qualified for GCS (beating Lawliet and Focus), Taidu final round (beating Remind).

His streaming channel is Laofen's, he shares it with Xiaokk,  Alice,  Sini and Laofen of course.

Colorful is always accessible and humble. We wish him good luck!



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