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15 years of RoC: players best WC3 memories

08.07.17 | UgriWC3 1100


I was contacted a few weeks ago by the Brazilian Esport writer Forkxx that prepared a series of no less 6 articles about Warcraft 3 15 years anniversary!

My part was to get players' testimonies : contacted them all, got more than a few answers. I hope you will all enjoy that little moment of Nostalgia.

May Brazil comes back to WC3 thanks to and Forkxx!

It was just about asking two questions, those being :

1- What is it that you like in WC3 that makes it so unique?

2- What is your best WC3 memory?

Easy on paper but translating in and from Chinese and Korean is a challenge. Let me thank my friends Icarus and Aries, Chatwin, Mirror and Harvey for their help on this project.



I like the item table and the min/max damage system in WC3. It gives different results in every games. WC3 also becomes very interesting when you succeed in leveling your heroes.

I miss the days when there were a lot of offline tourneys, even in China, Germany, and USA. The day I won the first prize in OGN WC3 League was the most cherished one.


Warcraft 3 can be irresistible when you reach certain level. Especially the balance between races has changed multiple times without the intervention of Blizzard with a balance patch. 

I have a lot of good memories. Especially WCG 2010, when I won against Grubby. It was the first Gold Medal for Korea. 


WC3 is a RTS that focuses on hero leveling. 

WCA 2015 is my best memory. It was my first major offline event and I managed to be in 3rd place after being on the edge of getting eliminated. 


I found the fact that you can have your heroes and level them up very interesting. There can be various strategy and situations choosing which camps to creep for leveling. 

IEM semifinals, against Moon is my best memory.  It was the last match of Bo3 and I ended up losing even after huge early advantages. I can’t forget that game because it was very long game and I had many regrets after the game.


In Warcraft there are many heroes, so u can combine them with the army as you want, that is just on point !

ESWC 2006 probably? I really miss the WC3L and NGL times when there were many teams and clan wars but nowadays.. GG! 

 Moon (!)

Warcraft 3 is basically RTS genre game, but it enables players to engage in his/her unique playstyle with characteristics of RPG games including various heroes and skills, ‘creeping’, and Items.

I have numerous moment playing WC3 including winning tourneys and having pleasant time with fans. If I have to pick one moment, however, it was WCG 2013 in China. I lost in the finals, but I think the applause at that moment is more valuable  than WCG title.


* wanted to answer something but had just broke his hand and could not type. Get better king of orcs!



Warcraft 3 is a unique and extraordinary game. Only a true classic, creative , amazing game like this can last so long. No matter the time passing and the players getting older, Warcraft is still such a a piece of art and history!

For the last 10 yrs, i have been asked the same question many times. But each time , i give a different answer.  Bad or good memories, important or not, those will change as time flies.  So it is really difficult for me to mention a specific game or event. But maybe in the future , some of them will pop out in my mind.


I feel that Warcraft is just superior

My best memory is winning the title in IEF 2007 in South Korea. It was my first time to win the title in a big tournament. Before that, I did not join the rank of top three in any event.


In Warcraft 3, one person may command all troops and heroes. The player can do whatever he/she wants. Win or fail, the glory or disgrace is yours only.

My best memory should be the WCG2012 final, which impressed me most. It was an impressive turnout that day. In that game, both sides did their best (vs Fly). It was incredible to win the champion of WCG as an Undead player.



I like Warcraft III very much, it is an intelligent game,  and it gives me many good habits like : never give up, grow up, think how to do better etc... I think it the one of the best balanced strategy game ever.

My best memory is when i beated Lyn and TH000 on Gold Champion Series : the victories, the celebration, and thinking that when you work hard you can achieve your goals. 


I like the hero system, there are no such rts-games.

Either my victory at 2008 Europe Blizzcon Regionals or my 3rd place at WCG 2008, cant say for sure. These events are my biggest memories of my WC3 career.

 Grubby (!)

The upkeep mechanic and XP-for-summons are two amazing mechanics that enrich the gameplay & counter play in WC3 and give it its sense of timing.

Winning WCG 2008 will always be a precious memory. I've never had more preparation and dreams going into a tournament, and still cry every time I watch it back.


I want to thank all the players that agreed to answer, their best memories events are linked for you to get a better view of what happened then, when available. There are also many VOD on Youtube.

I want to have a word about Moon and Focus, that named tough defeats as best memories. I did not expect it, bravo champions!

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A very cool article series in portuguese, just use your translators... it is so deep :



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