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mTw: Back In Action?

11.01.19 | RehcraM 2133


I've mentioned it several times that I'm always excited to see players and WarCraft 3 personalities from the past return. Now we are back at it again, with what seems to be another blast from the past from not only players, but also mTw!

After Tak3r was invited to the recent Blizzard Invitational where he battled other old school players, such like MaDFroG, Insomnia and Grubby. He stayed around in the community, both on Discord and a bit on Twitch.

Yesterday evening, Tak3r announced on his new Twitter that there'll be a stream with some very old-school names:

I'm excited to watch the stream, but what really peaks my interest is the promised announcement that is supposed to be quite big.

mTw, who only recently revived their Facebook account (in May 2018), also shared the news, which is a quite concrete indication that the announcement has to do with mTw returning to the Warcraft 3 scene. 


To back up this claim even further, mTw started a new Discord where Warcraft 3 is listed in the 'mTw Teams' category:

The old mTw team has featured some well-known names, such as yAwS, WhO, NightEnD, Check, LongWalk, FoV and Satiini, just to name a few. They've shown great success in some of the most prestigious clan leagues in the history of the game like WC3L and NGL-ONE.

Will mTw rise to their former glory and create a strong team once again? We'll have to wait and see. Tune in to the stream this Sunday at Tak3r's Twitch!



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