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Guide: Open a replay with a double click

09.01.19 | Cepheid 782


Warcraft III replays are a beautiful thing. Entertainment, teaching, and record keeping all for a few hundred kilobytes. However they can be awkward to get at - you have to save the replay, put it into a folder (which they moved a few patches ago to deal with modern Windows permissions!), boot up Warcraft, select Singleplayer, View Replay, find the file, open it.

How tedious, if only you could double click the replay and it would open instantly... 

... Wait, you CAN do that?!

Sure, just follow this quick guide below for Windows machines:


For a quick overview of what we will be doing: We will be creating a .bat or 'batch' file. This is a file which executes a command when you open it. The command it will run will be to open Warcraft III in "replay mode", and we will associate this file with the extension .w3g, which is used by Warcraft III replay files. Easy!

I should also mention at this point that .nwg files already support this through the Netease client, this guide is specifically for .w3g replay files.

First thing to do is to right click and make a new text document, this can be where ever, but let's say you do it on your desktop. Open it up and copy paste the following into it:

start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -loadfile %1

It should look like this:


Make sure the highlighted section points to where Warcraft III is on your computer. This is the default path, but yours may be different, make sure you check!

Save the file, rename it to "replayviewer.bat" so that the .txt is gone and replaced by .bat, the name of the file doesn't matter, but it must end in ".bat".

Side note: If after saving it becomes "replayviewer.bat.txt" this means that your folder options do not display file extensions, all you have to do is -

Go to your folder options


Then in the 'View' tab, ensure "Hide extensions for known file types" option
is not checked, this will let you edit file extensions

So now you should have yourself a "replayviewer.bat" that when run, will open Warcraft III in "Replay mode"

We're going to now associate the .w3g filetype with this file.

Find yourself a .w3g replay file, you can either download one from our fabulous replays section here on the site, or find one in your own replays folder. Warcraft 3 saves these to:

C:\User\(your username)\Documents\Warcraft III\replays

Right click the replay, and go to "Open with"


Then click "More apps"


Scroll down and click "Look for another app on this PC"


Browse to where you saved the "replayviewer.bat" and select it.

Congratulations, you're done!

From now on, any replay you double click to open will boot up straight away, without any messing around!

Happy watching!

Might I suggest with this newfound power you visit our recently upgraded Replays section. Just browse until you find something, then you're just one click away from watching them!

Special thanks to StopClick who captured the pictures for this.

Also thanks to the 2009 WCReplays post by Pcela which originally taught me this.



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