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Jang Jae Ho's birthday: Moon's fans club funds a school library in rural China

14.12.18 | UgriWC3 1094


December 14th is Moon's birthday! The Korean legend is 32 years old today.

His fans already had obvious reasons to celebrate as their idol became, once again, the World's Champion, after his WGL title.

Jang Jae Ho holds a special place in Warcraft 3's history as the greatest of all times. His Chinese fan club decided this year to collect funds to finance a school library in the Fujian province. 


Here is the statement from Snow, his long time fan club manager:

It has been quite a long time since I started to think what we can/should do this year to celebrate Moon’s birthday or give us a good reason to do something together in the name of Moon or Moon Fan Club.

Last year, thanks to all the fans, we did a very large billboard in the Seoul subway station, that’s really an amazing and great experience: P

With all the great and numerous efforts from all the players, the professionals who work in this industry and of course, the fans all over the world, E-sports has gone a very long way from so called “playing games” to what we have reached so far.

This year I want to do something more than that. Charity is first thing that comes into my mind, it took me hundreds of hours in comparing different projects/foundations, revising all the terms in the donation agreements to make sure the whole process go smoothly as expected. And as a result, a library will be set up in the name of 张宰怙(Jang Jaeho, Moon, this library will contain more than 1,200 books and the new furniture needed including tables, chairs and the shelves, etc.

 For us, we have not only received joy and happiness by playing Warcraft3 ourselves or watching the Warcraft3 tournaments, we have also get inspired by Moon, by his talents, persistence and modesty, and we really want to share all these precious feelings with the next generation by donating the library in the poor rural area in china and give the young kids a way to know better about the outside world.


We are happy to announce that this library has already been opened in December 14, 2018 on Moon's birthday and the total donation amount is 34,790 RMB (~5,710,000 Kor Won/USD 5,100, in general, 85 fans from China donated 50%, I and Huluobo, acting as the Co-Promoters of this year’s activity, we donated the rest 50%).


The basic information of the school is as follows,

School Name(学校名称): Xiage Zhongxin Zhuangxi Primary school(霞葛中心庄溪小学)

School Location(学校地址): Shao’an Xian, ZhangZhou, Fujian Province, China(福建省漳州市诏安县)

Total students(学生人数):560 students(560)


Thanks again for all the fans who have participated in this year’s activity.


Thanks Moon, for all these years and for everything.

Happy Birthday.

Snow provided a few pictures from the event. 

The library will hold Jang Jae Ho's name


What a great initiative! Warcraft 3 is really more than just a game.

Happy birthday Moon! 



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