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WGL Winter 2018 - Semi Finals

07.12.18 | Flipi, UgriWC3 1149


And then there were four. Moon, Lyn, Infi and Foggy were the last fighters to remain standing in the arena. Among them, only the Ukrainian with no major title to his belt yet.

With the two Korean titans battling it out in their bid for a place in the finals, Foggy had to defeat Infi, his offline nemesis.

1/2 Finals - Lyn v  Moon

Previous confrontations

And so we had the two best earners in the history of the game, matched up in the semi final. They have already met countless times and are basically even on map count wins.

However, Lyn has expressed his frustration regarding Night Elf in this patch, and, with Moon only having dropped one map all tournament to reach this stage, the Night Elf player was the favorite.


What happened

The first map was brilliant and made us hope for a close series. The game boiled down to one, long, drawn out push against Lyn. Almost all of it taking part in the Orc's base, up until both gold mines went dry! Lyn even managed to kill Moon's Alchemist at the very end. In the end however, Lyn had drawn himself dead, being unable to contest Moon, who was able to uproot his tree and move it to his expansion. Lyn simply ran out of fuel for his army.

The second map was a continuation of the NE's dominating run, and it seemed Lyn still could not find the solution by Terenas Stand, map 3, eventually being defeated [0-3]. It seemed his statement during his interview with Remo was proving true, 'You cannot seem to be able to beat a top NE, who makes no mistakes, with Orc anymore.'

In the final map of the series, Lyn was defeated during a major blunder, having his Blademaster chase a 3hp Troll Berserker deep into Moon's army and subsequently losing the hero the process. His serpent wards had been doing a fine job until then, which really made it a terrible shame! Team Newbee hereby lost its final member in WGL for 2018.

Thus, Moon has qualified for his first Golden League Final ever, with an overall [16-1] score. Surreal!


1/2 Finals - Foggy v Infi

Previous confrontations

Infi is pretty much Foggy's nemesis at the Golden League, beating him directly or indirectly eliminating him thrice already. Foggy won three online matches in a row recently, before losing their last online encounter before WGL finals with a [1-2] score. Safe to say that Infi was the favorite going into this match.


What happened

Infi had demolished Colorful [3-0] in the Quarter Finals, and, after the first map, it looked like Foggy would meet the same fate. Infi dominated the first map on Northern Isles with all the right timings and executions.

And so, as it was against LawLiet in the previous round, Foggy had to fight uphill once again. And so he did! He secured a very important equalizer on Concealed Hill, with a small mistake from Infi, who failed to scout his expansion on time. Concealed Hill is a great map for Mountain Giants due to the two healing fountains, so it was a must win map for the Ukrainian.

Surprisingly enough, Infi then picked a third map where the KotG usually reigns supreme: Amazonia. The turning came early when Foggy killed the Archmage with good understanding of his opponents base layout, and barely got away with 10hp on his KotG by using his own Town Portal.

None of the wins were easy for Foggy however, and the last map was no exception. Infi fought until his last breath on Last Refuge. Very late into the game, he tricked Foggy by using a tank to kill his expansion while they were fighting a huge battle in the middle of the map. He even got the kill on his opponent's Alchemist, which was a big catch, but as a double-edged result gave Foggy's KotG more individual experience. Once you have Tranquility + Mountain Giants, the current patch makes your army fairly unbeatable..


A Final, of Controversy

And so we have our two finalists. Out of the first matchup we saw Moon,crowned the winner, defeating Lyn as part of his continued show of power throughout this tournament. In the second matchup, our darling boxer, Foji - Foggy, found himself repeating his previous performance of falling behind and climbing the mountain to victory.

Even before the final is played then, we already see that the context of this final is far bigger than just the individual matches:

  1. This is the first WGL Gold final without a Chinese player, and this means the Chinese hopes for this season's victory have already been dashed.
  2. As both players are Night Elf, this is both ominously reflective of the current balance discussions, and the first mirror match final for WGL as we recall it.
  3. We also know that Moon and Foggy are by no means strangers. When last they met online in the Shenkui Cup just two months ago, Moon took the series 4-0.
  4. Moon, being the far more experienced player of the two, is the 'Senpai' to Foggy's 'Kohai', or plainly put; this is an epic match of the age old struggle between Master and Apprentice. 


And now we must wait for tomorrow. Will Foggy take it? Will he gain that prestigious result and bag himself a WGL victory for himself and the West? Or will Moon take it home, showing off not only his years of experience, but ability to come back out of retirement and climb to the top once again? Come take a seat ringside tomorrow and find out!



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