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New Warcraft 3 League – Solo Season #2

03.07.17 | Mrwhite 479


When most countries are celebrating the summer holidays, a group of Warcraft 3 players have gathered with the help and work of Nick to challenge each other for the solo trophy. Will  Sheik defend his title as the champion this season?

In 2014, Nick, ParadoCS and MJX started the first edition of the NWC3L, an European esport league that was aimed at creating competition between the European Warcraft 3 teams. The tournament has been running for 3 years and is still going strong.
Last year, Nick decided to create a solo tournament for the best 1on1 players in Europe during the down-period for his league, the aim was to celebrate and find the best solo player.  Sheik won the first edition beating  ShaDai in the finals. 

This year, a number of 43 players have already signed up for the Second Summer Solo Season. A wide range of nationalities are contesting and this time, it will last for 2 months. Here are some of the crucial information that you need to know about the league.

Gameserver: W3arena

Prize pool: € 175+ (You can contribute)

Dates: 5. July – 5. September

Time: 18:00 CEST

Title defender: Sheik

Invited players: 8 of the best performing solo players in the NWC3L Season 7 are directly qualified into the solo league after their great showing.

Qualified players:

 Sheik,  Anima,  Thorzain,  Ag3nt,  Bizzare,  ShaDai,  Edo,  Walter,  Sonik

Not only 9 players will be able to play in the solo tournament, but everyone has a chance to wrestle the title away from Sheik. Here is a link for some of the signed-up players, that include  Xelsing,  Starshaped,  Skutt, and others:


The format will include a qualifier, a league format with 2 divisions, and lastly we will go into the play-offs, where the best performing players will be challenging each other for the title: 

Open Qualifier:

-Double elimination

-Best of 3 in Winner brackets

More info about the qualifier here: 

2 divisions in league format:

-All vs. All

-Fixed maps

-Best of 3

Play-offs – Elimination:

-Best of 5

-Pick maps

Two whole months of great entertainment and intense gameplay by Europe's finest players. Endurance and a cool head needs to be ensured, since the NWC3L is a marathon and not a sprint. This format is different, and you can contribute to the league by donating to the price pool. In case you wish so, please get in touch with me through the comments and I can lead you to the organisers. 

Big thanks to  SonOfKali (uMaD) for helping hosting/organizing the tournament, meanwhile also donating to the price pool. We look forward to the games!

For more information about the NWC3L and the solo league:



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